High Heels with Lilian


Lilian is one of Nigeria’s fine minds when it concerns ideas and strategy in today’s business,a trained project management and brands analyst with a penchant for all things that require indepth analysis and communication,she is the chief errand officer of Lillyville Management Company,a 7 years old marketing communications outfit. She has worked in varying sectors and has functioned as a professional and manager in diverse roles,these experiences have helped shape her approach to providing viable and sustainable solutions in whatever business challenge she is open to. she is also the Head .Corporate Comms of women shaping Africa (W.O.S.A) and co-founder of  Women in sustainble enterprise (W.I.S.E)she was recently nominated as a “brands to watch” in the upcoming BTW 2017 Awards,she has a flair for Tv production and has featured in some series,she debuted her column “High heels with Lillian” in Timeless Magazine ,a column dedicated to motivating young women in business,through the inspiring stories of trials ,temptations and success stories of thriving business women across the land, She is married with a daughter. Lilian shares her success story in this insightful interview.

Childhood Influence

We all have a background and my background set the precepts for what I do today. I had a moniker ‘accredited’ because even as a child I always did things with clockwork-precision. And I think I got that from my father who was the head of Nigerian Army intelligence core in those times

Meet Me

I am an unrepentant advocate for social change and impact, from the home front to our businesses, career and the society at large. Whenever I take up a task, I stop only when i am done, not when i am tired. I don’t know how to give up.

Inspiration behind High Heels with Lilian

To showcase to the world, the trials, temptations and triumph of women who dare to be different, who are passionate about contributing their own quota in ensuring a viable economy, who can inspire and awaken that spark in other ladies, I like to see myself as a mouthpiece and also a listening ear, we ladies need to know we can be the best version of ourselves.


I think I like to get my hands full because nothing I loathe more than being idle, like my father would say “an idle mind is the devils workshop”. Having said that I make it my duty to always look for a cause to take up, challenges to confront. That’s why today, I am a co-founder of W.I.S.E, Which is a Non-Governmental Organization geared towards real time supports and collaboration that impact society. W.I.S.E stands for Women In Sustainable Enterprise.

Also a certified project management consultant from the London school of Business and Finance I make bold to say when it comes to event project production, execution, and management, our resume speak volumes ,not because we are the best @ lillyville Mgt company, but because of our creativity, aggression and ability to deliver timely  .

I am also a voracious reader,  so I have this urge to divest myself of the things I learn hence I write for several magazines,  I have SME diagnosis.(my pet project) Like I said earlier I like to get my hands full, but i am afraid they aren’t full enough, as there’s still a lot to be done.

Not giving up

On giving up. It’s good to fall down as long as you don’t stay down, because it gives you the opportunity to pick something up, and do things differently this time around…You see experience has taught me that it’s not the hundredth blow that breaks the wall, but the 99th  you thought did not! #failingforward


As modest as it might seem, it’s that rush of fulfillment. I am fulfilled each time I accomplish whatever I set out to do.

I am a Woman of Rubies

Every woman who knows her onions,  who appreciates herself and serves God and humanity with altruism, is a woman of rubies.

Final word

Make a conscious effort to be the best version of yourself, then you can take it a step further by being contributory to the development of the people in your sphere of contact! You owe yourself that much.