Herbal Bath


If you constantly have skin problems, then you will need to feed your skin a lot from inside out. Some people use home remedies and products and get results fast, while you have tried virtually everything and it seems like nothing is working.

The difference between you and these people may be that they have good skin but lack of care, attention, an adverse reaction or some other factors gave them skin issues

If you do not fall in the category of these ‘lucky’ ones, it means you need to do extra work to get clear, healthy skin.

Today, we will be looking at an important aspect of skincare that could be a game changer for you.

Do not bath with ordinary water, make sure that there are herbs in your water more often than not

My favourite herbs for bathing include;

• Lemon grass
• Neem leaves
• Guava leaves
• Zobo leaves
• Rice water (parboiled or fermented)

Get your leaves, sort them to ensure that you are using very healthy leaves, rinse and then put in a pot and cover with enough water, bring to a boil and sieve out the water, add a few cups of this herbal water to your bath water.

Usually, I would advise that you discard the remaining herbal water but if you have a refrigerator, keep for at most, 3 days

If you keep using any of these herbs to take your bath once daily, gradually, your skin will become what you have always wished it to be
Do you bath with herbs? Are they working for you? Kindly share with us

The Enemy Within!
‘Hello Debbie, I am here to talk to you about my frustrations, all my customers are leaving, they want to be white and if I can’t give that to them, they will go elsewhere’

I see this every day. To some, I reply with a bible verse, to some, I give soothing words, to some, I shake them up to be strong and to some, I am too weak to respond.

To a large extent, we are the enemy we desperately seek to destroy because we are actively participating in self destruction. By us, I mean everybody, the society, you, me and anyone who is a stake holder in the skincare industry.

Is it the lady who decides to take skincare advice from a crowd that is untrained or the ‘professional’ who goes to a store, buys a hydroquinone and steroid based cream, mixes with different kinds of potions, adds a little bleaching liquid and a dash of hair relaxer. Mixes this and turns into a plain container and goes ahead to list its ingredients as neem, orange, mango and coconut oil

Or the woman who keeps troubling another to help make her baby white at all cost.

Is it the man who starts to threaten his woman with side comments, asking her why she is getting dark when she knows fully well that he is attracted to fair skinned ladies or the man at the bank who beckons to this lady to jump the queue and be attended to just because she happens to be the fairest of them all.

What about the people who are asking you to boycott store bought cosmetics while selling the same cosmetics to you but this time with deadly additives.

Enemies everywhere, yet you cannot blame anyone because when you attempt to point a finger, the other four are screaming your name.

Who are we then to blame?

Again, nobody is to blame. I try my bit and I hope you do same

So far, I have been able to get my tribe to the place where they no longer ask me questions like; “will this darken me? Hope it won’t make me dark?” They have understood that when I am treating the skin, I do not see colour, I see skin conditions that needs to be corrected.
All that my heart beats for is to get everybody to the place of compliments, where nobody sees the colour of your skin because they are spell bound by the glow your skin exudes

That is what people know about me, this is what they say about me, and this is what they attach to my name
As I drop my pen in a few moments, I want to establish the fact that you can make a difference in this fight. You can take a stand and you can shine your own light. You may find yourself in an environment where anything goes but your light can still make a difference

No bashing, no blames, no calling out, no hate, just make a difference and watch what happens.




My name is Debbie Ibiyemi, I am a skin business coach who works with people to help them get great skin and also shows then how to make money from it.

In the past one and a half years, I have been able to work with over 10,000 members of my Facebook community as well reached out to other communities as well.