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Kemi Ezenwanne, a Houston based Nigerian Doctor who is also a model, had her adorable twins and the story will leave you thankful for her.

In a series of Instagram posts, she narrates how she found out she was pregnant one month after her wedding and how she later found out in November 2016 that she was going to have twins.

She said she was so elated and although she had an easy first trimester, she soon had her fair share of the pregnancy pains when they found multiple fibroids degenerating few days to her 14th week. The discovery landed her in a hospital bed.

She later got better and the pregnancy progressed as expected.

However, during her visit to the doctor for a regular checkup this week, she was told there was a dip in the heartbeat of one of the babies and that they had to deliver them immediately.

She mentioned that the doctor in her wanted to freight when she was told the figures, but she remembered that she had been participating in the #HalleluyahChallenge by Nathaniel Bassey and got the confidence that God was going to show up for her and the babies.

Sharing the exciting news to her Instagram family, she confirmed that both her boys have been birthed and are doing great, just as she is as well.

Here is her story as posted on her Instagram page:https://www.instagram.com/p/BVNhHwwBUSX/



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Sometime in November 2016. This is surreal. I can't believe it! I sincerely cannot believe this! I thought it was just you. My dear little one… What did the doctor ask again? He had just began the ultrasound. It's my first ultrasound. You're only just 9weeks 3days old today. He asked, "Is there any history in your family?" I thought I didn't hear well. He couldn't be talking of twins even though the doctor in me knew damn right what he was talking about. I asked, "how dyu mean"? He said, "you're expecting twins". I scream. This is unbelievable. I only just discussed with your dad yesterday morning about the possibility. We joked about it. It was ONLY a joke really. No wonder my abdomen was rising rapidly. Now I understand my obsession with Ava and Alexis @mccluretwins No wonder I'm always hungry, and eating every 3hours. I want to cry! Tears of joy! How has God blessed me this much? I see both of you on the scan, so tiny, and in different sacs chilling. The doctor said you're dichorionic, meaning there's a possibility you might not be identical. I don't care at this point! I'm having twins! A boy and a girl, two girls or two boys, whatever, you're both my blessings from God. Can we take a moment to appreciate Him?

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