Haillie Sumney


Ghanaian singer, Becca got married to her Nigerian husband, Tobi Daniel in August 2018 at a private ceremony in Accra and together they have a baby girl.

Last night at an event to premiere her new song, Becca was asked by fellow actress Haillie Sumney how she was able to deal with the negative comments that came her away beacuse she married a Nigerian.

In her response, Becca said; ‘when i got married to a Nigerian, there was mixed reactions and I was really surprised because I know Ghanaians are the most hospitable people in the world, so I wondered if the reaction would have been different if i married an American or an European’.


How I dealt with negative comments after marrying a Nigerian - Ghanaian singer, Becca


‘But after doing music for 13years, I know there’s nothing that can deter me becasue you can’t be perfect in the sight of everyone and the moment you are a public figure, you lose the right of privacy and things like that are expected‘ she added.


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Credit: LIB