A short video of a cute 9-month old baby washing the dishes has gone viral on social media.

Arabia-Iman Tillery, the baby’s mother, posted the video on Twitter. In the video, the baby can be seen laying on the counter washing off utensils and sucking a green pacifier while his grandmother is on the phone.

“My mom has my 9 month old son doing dishes,” Tillery wrote. “My mom got him to work already,”

People all over the world are impressed and amused over the little boy who has started early on with his household chores.

The video has gathered about 5 million views since it was posted.

Tillery said it was all a plan to get him to stop fussing so he can take a nap. Arabia-Iman Tillery tells Fox News that during a recent visit to see Tillery’s mother in Maryland. Tillery’s mom, Denise Jackson, then suggested they set up Chase at the sink, to occupy his attention before putting him down.

“My son was getting a little fussy before a nap, like he usually does,” . “[My mom] figured he might as well play with water and ‘wash the dishes’ a little, and it worked really well.”

Tillery said she intended putting up the video just for laughs and was surprised it gathered so much attention.

“I think the funniest thing of all is that clearly he’s not actually washing, he has no idea what’s happening.”