Girl voices initiative


Carolyn is an advocate of promoting female involvement in technology. She is the founder of the Girls’ Voices initiative, a non-profit that provides a safe space for girls to connect and share stories of inspiration and motivation with the use of technology and digital media.

Girl Voices Initiative works to educate adolescent girls and women about their rights in law and the platform empowers the girls with the skills to use technology and digital media to lead advocacy for the protection of their rights and welfare in society.

Through Girl Voices Initiative, Carolyn does not just give girls a voices, she also builds girl leaders who build and support other girls.

Girl Voices Initiative builds young girls through training in advocacy, technology, and digital media.

Over 100,000 adolescent girls have been reached directly through Girl Voices Initiative’s girl-centred programs, and with its girl leaders, it has reached over 80 million people through various programs.

Carolyn won the US-based World Pulse Prize in 2016 and is a 2017 TechWomen fellow.

Carolyn, a lawyer, has well over a decade’s experience in management consulting and women and girls advocacy, working at UN Women and Nigeria’s House of Representatives, among others.

We celebrate Carolyn for giving girls a voice and for building girl leaders across Nigeria and the world, and we’re rooting for her!