foster mom


Katie Page went through a divorce in her early thirties, and the experience left her feeling quite alone in the world. The family and career that she dreamed of seemed to be a far off dream. Next, she would make a life-changing decision that would shape the lives of everyone involved.

The End Of A Life Together

Katie Page was born and raised in Alabama, and in her early thirties, she was confronted with an understandably trying challenge as her marriage was reaching its end. The heart-wrenching milestone left her feeling undeniably lost in her life as her dreams of a family were no longer a possibility for the near future. Katie was searching for something fulfilling and knew it was time to make a drastic change.

The Start Of A New Story

Jackie felt she needed to let go of the past and focus on a new chapter in her life, which led her to move to a new area despite everything she knew being in Alabama. Back in 2015, she decided soul-searching would help her find the right path, and she made exceptional changes in her life. She was lucky enough to find an excellent job as an integrated service manager for GE Johnson which seemed to solve many concerns she had with relocating to Denver in Colorado.

Optimism Becomes Her

With a new home and a great new job, Katie felt as though she had made the best decision to start over. The spacious 4-bedroom home she purchased may have needed some work although she planned to take on the projects by herself. “The house I bought would require extensive work to transform into my vision and most of which I would have to do myself in order to afford it,” Katie explained. She mentioned to a friend that she felt the home was actually meant for so much more.

So Much To Do

Renovating her new home would require a lot of money, and while many would feel intimidated by such a large project, Katie thought it was the perfect solution to keep herself busy and her mind occupied on bettering her life. However, she knew that she was missing something, and despite her marriage ending recently, Katie knew she would be able to stumble upon new opportunities soon enough.

In Search Of Something New

Despite some understandable hesitation, Katie knew there would be something out there that would give her the new outlook on life she so desperately wanted. After already experiencing heartbreaking fertility issues she had searched for other options and considered both adoption and fostering as appropriate options to finally have the family her heart was after.

Fostering Children In Need

After recently joining a church in the area, there was a discussion regarding an upcoming seminar for a fostering program. Katie was immediately interested as she felt this may have been the opportunity she was looking for all along.

The Decision Was Made

The church meeting was more than enough to convince Katie that fostering children in need was the right path for her and even though she felt somewhat nervous she was entirely enchanted by the idea of starting her own family with children who needed her most.

Maternal Instincts

Back in 2015 and on Mother’s Day, no less Katie filled out the application that would change her life forever. The decision would shape her future, and there would be no turning back. Regardless Katie was anticipating the exciting journey she was about to undertake.

Becoming A Single Foster Mom

Even though Katie was beyond thrilled about her decision, she would still need to consider all the aspects of the massive life-changing choice to foster children in need. She would be a single mom, and she was also new in the area. This meant that Katie would need to find her feet while discovering life as a single mother. Nonetheless, she was adamant that she would follow through with her decision.