Fort Saskatchewan Councillor


Jibs Abitoye, a Nigerian-Canadian politician, is leading the charge for diversity and community engagement in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta. As a second-term Councillor, Abitoye’s trailblazing achievements and unwavering commitment to inclusivity have made her a beacon of hope and progress in the city. Her journey, marked by trailblazing achievements and unwavering commitment to diversity, has positioned her as a beacon of hope and progress in the community.

Breaking Barriers

Jibs Abitoye’s election in 2017 was a landmark event. As the first Black woman to be elected in the province of Alberta since the 1970s, she shattered a decades-long barrier, bringing a fresh perspective and renewed vigor to the local government. Her groundbreaking role extends beyond just representation; it underscores the importance of inclusivity and the strength found in diversity.

Jibs Abitoye

Founding the Fort Black Society

Understanding the pivotal role of representation and support within communities of color, Jibs founded the Fort Black Society. This organization is more than just a community group; it is a testament to her dedication to fostering a more inclusive society where diversity is celebrated and valued. Through the Fort Black Society, Jibs has created a platform for dialogue, support, and empowerment for Black residents and other marginalized groups in Fort Saskatchewan.

Championing Key Initiatives

Since stepping into her role as Councillor, Jibs has been a tireless advocate for numerous initiatives that resonate deeply with the needs and aspirations of her constituents:

  • Diversity & Inclusion Policy: Jibs has been instrumental in developing and promoting policies that ensure every resident feels seen, heard, and valued. Her work has laid a strong foundation for a more inclusive community where diversity is woven into the fabric of the city’s identity.
  • Parental Leave for Elected Officials: Recognizing the challenges faced by elected officials who are also parents, Jibs championed the introduction of parental leave policies. This initiative supports work-life balance and encourages more young parents to consider public service without sacrificing their family responsibilities.
  • Environmental Sustainability: Jibs is a vocal advocate for environmental sustainability, pushing for policies that protect and preserve Fort Saskatchewan’s natural beauty for future generations. Her efforts include promoting green initiatives and sustainable practices within the community.
  • Fair Utility Bills: Addressing the practical concerns of residents, Jibs has worked diligently to ensure fair and transparent utility billing. Her efforts aim to ease the financial burden on families and ensure that utility services are both affordable and reliable.

A Versatile Leader

Jibs’ accomplishments extend far beyond her political career. She is an award-winning entrepreneur, a trained economist, a fashion designer, and a realtor. Her diverse skill set and professional experiences enrich her approach to governance and community service, allowing her to tackle issues from multiple perspectives.

Media Recognition and Personal Life

Her impactful work has not gone unnoticed. Jibs has been featured in major Canadian media outlets, highlighting her contributions and the positive changes she has spearheaded. Despite her numerous professional commitments, she remains deeply rooted in her personal life as a wife and mother of three. Balancing her roles with grace, Jibs also dedicates time to volunteer work, further exemplifying her commitment to service and community.

Jibs Abitoye

A Balanced and Impactful Life

Jibs Abitoye’s life and career embody the essence of a balanced and impactful existence. Through her pioneering efforts and dedicated service, she continues to inspire countless individuals within and beyond Fort Saskatchewan. Her story is a powerful reminder that with vision, dedication, and resilience, one can break barriers, foster inclusivity, and make meaningful contributions to society.

As Fort Saskatchewan looks to the future, the leadership and legacy of Jibs Abitoye stand as a testament to what is possible when diversity is embraced and every voice is given a platform.