Folasayo Ayodele


Folasayo Ayodele is a business woman and founder of Single mothers Tribe, She answers our famous #7Questions below

What is your biggest fear?

My biggest fear is failing my sons. I will not give anyone a chance to say they lack in any aspect in life because they were raised by a woman.

2. In your darkest moments, what do you do?

I look back at where I’m coming from and how far I’ve come. Then I look ahead with gratitude for all things.

3. What is that one thing you would like to change about yourself?

Procrastination and not finishing up whatever I start. I have too many abandoned projects and decisions I’ve been procrastinating on.

4. Where do you see yourself five years from now?

I projected where I’d like to be now five years ago. I didn’t meet my mark and had to make some brave adjustments like relocating to Lagos. I am looking at five years from now; I should have been well settled into my business in Lagos. I see a me who has got everything together; business, my tribe would have by then made unforgettable impacts on more single mums.

5. What keeps you going?

I stay focus on the positive, I try not to permit negative energy in my headspace and around me. My tribe also keep me going, just knowing my challenges are not peculiar to me is a sure sign that I’ll win.

6. What is your stand on feminism? Do you consider yourself a feminist?

I like to consider myself humanist. I believe every human being deserve to be treated with respect and dignity. Be they male or female.

7. What keeps you up at night?

My dreams for myself and my kids keep me awake. Thank you.