finding your tribe


Have you ever wondered why some people choose to carry their burdens silently while others speak out loudly against injustice? In a world where silence can sometimes trump justice, the act of speaking up can often be misunderstood, misinterpreted, or even twisted to make the brave soul raising their voice seem like the problem. Today, on Nigeria’s Independence Day, we reflect on the importance of finding your tribe, the power of speaking up, and the strength to overcome adversity.

The Imole’s Issue

Not too long ago, someone asked me why I vocally supported Imole’s issue, why I carried it on my head as they say. I explained to them that I understand how silence can sometimes overshadow the pursuit of justice. I’ve witnessed firsthand how speaking up can be manipulated to portray you as the troublemaker, the one in the wrong.

Late Nigerian Singer, Mohbad ( Oladimeji Aloba) also known as “Imole”

Imole’s case serves as a stark reminder of the diverse effects of sharing your problems with the wrong people. People may hear you, but they won’t actively listen because they’ve already formed their opinions. Imole’s story was no different; they painted him as depressed ,mentally unstable, and ungrateful all because he was at their mercy.

The Consequences of Misjudgment

Imole’s situation shed light on why so many people get blacklisted by their friends and family without even having the grace to be heard. It’s the same reason why individuals suffer in abusive elationships because the very people who should support and protect them end up judging and condemning them.

Furthermore, Imole’s case highlighted why people are often advised to tolerate disrespect in exchange for opportunities or money. The fear of being labeled, misunderstood, or ostracized can sometimes make individuals compromise their self-respect and integrity.

A Prayer for Independence Day

As we celebrate Nigeria’s Independence Day, my heartfelt prayer goes out to anyone who has experienced any of the above. Perhaps your image has been tarnished to the point where people see you as an outcast who doesn’t deserve a seat at the table. Maybe you’ve been treated as someone who should be avoided at all costs simply because you refuse to tolerate disrespect.

My prayer is that you find your tribe, those who will listen actively, correct with love, and stand by you through thick and thin. I hope you encounter people who will love the parts of you that others have been asked to avoid, and who will support you on your journey, helping you access the necessary support when needed.

For every moment you’ve been mocked, may God celebrate you. For every instance of bullying, harassment, or disgrace, may you find the courage to defend yourself and rise above.

May our lights shine so brightly that no one has the power, network, or money to extinguish them. In a world where speaking up can sometimes be misunderstood, it’s essential to find your tribe, those who will lift you up and celebrate your strength. Remember, your voice matters, and your journey deserves recognition and support.

About the Author

Esther Ijewere, a prominent author, activist, and media strategist, is the passionate voice behind this article. She’s not only a prolific writer but also the visionary founder of Women of Rubies, a platform dedicated to empowering women and promoting social change.

With her expertise and commitment to amplifying marginalized voices, Esther’s work beautifully complements the themes explored in this article. Connect with her via her social media account here