Meet Mercy-Hephzibah Ndifon, a prolific writer from Calabar who took her initial steps in the world of creativity by sharing her profound thoughts and words through Facebook articles in 2016. Over time, she gracefully transitioned into spoken word performances, etching her presence in the tapestry of contemporary literature and performance art. Mercy-Hephzibah Ndifon is undeniably one of these exceptional individuals. As the lead content creator at the Journal of a Jesus Girl, she has carved a unique path in the world of inspirational storytelling.

A Blossoming Talent

Mercy-Hephzibah’s creative journey began with humble steps on the digital platform of Facebook. It was here that she first shared her thoughts and ideas with the world. Her writing, infused with creativity and a unique perspective, quickly caught the attention of readers. As her articles gained traction, she began to build a devoted following of readers and admirers.

A Diverse Creative Portfolio

One of the hallmarks of Mercy-Hephzibah’s talent is her diversity as an artist. She doesn’t confine herself to one genre or style of writing. Instead, she explores multiple avenues, crafting personal stories that touch the heart, spinning captivating fiction that sparks the imagination, and delving into the profound world of Bible-inspired articles that offer readers spiritual insight.

Mercy-Hephzibah’s Blogging Journey

In the digital age, writers often find a home for their creativity in the blogosphere, and Mercy-Hephzibah is no exception. She established her own blog, a virtual space where her words could resonate with an even wider audience.  The Journal of a Jesus Girl is not just another blog; it’s a haven of inspiration and spiritual growth. Under Mercy-Hephzibah’s guidance, the platform has evolved into a place where people from all walks of life can find solace, encouragement, and motivation.

The content is a fusion of faith-based wisdom, personal experiences, and practical advice, all aimed at helping individuals navigate life’s challenges with faith. Her blog serves as a canvas, offering readers a glimpse into her world and the depth of her creativity.

A Thriving Online Presence

With a strong presence on Facebook, Mercy-Hephzibah has amassed a following of over 56,000 dedicated followers. Her impact on social media extends beyond the numbers, as she uses her platform to inspire, educate, and engage with her audience. Through thought-provoking articles and captivating spoken word performances, she has built a community of individuals who eagerly await her next creation.

Mercy-Hephzibah’s Spoken Word Artistry


While her writing journey was blossoming on social media, Mercy-Hephzibah also felt the urge to express herself through spoken word. This marked a significant turning point in her artistic career, which has taken her to more than 50 events, each one an opportunity to share her unique perspective and leave an indelible impression.  She took to the stage, delivering powerful performances that left audiences in awe. Her spoken word pieces became a vehicle through which she could convey her emotions and thoughts in a captivating and mesmerizing manner.

Beyond Artistry: A Consultant and Educator

While her artistry takes center stage, Mercy-Hephzibah’s talents extend into the world of digital marketing. She consults for brands, offering her expertise in crafting compelling content and managing social media. Her knowledge and experience make her a valuable resource for businesses looking to establish a strong online presence.

Furthermore, she is passionate about imparting her knowledge to others. Mercy-Hephzibah is not content with her own success; she is dedicated to helping others on their writing and content creation journeys. Her workshops and educational content serve as a source of inspiration and guidance for aspiring writers and content creators.

A Literary Legacy

Mercy-Hephzibah’s creative journey has also been marked by the publication of two authored books. These works showcase her storytelling prowess and offer readers a deeper glimpse into her world. Her books are a testament to her dedication to the craft of writing and her commitment to sharing her unique perspective with the world.

In the realm of contemporary literature and performance art, Mercy-Hephzibah Ndifon stands as a captivating force. Her journey from sharing articles on Facebook to gracing stages with her spoken word performances is a testament to her unwavering commitment to her craft. Her diverse talents, thriving online presence, and contributions as a consultant and educator have solidified her place as a multifaceted artist and influencer.

As her creative journey continues to unfold, one can only anticipate the remarkable stories, performances, and insights that Mercy-Hephzibah will continue to share with the world. In Calabar and beyond, her words and performances resonate, leaving an indelible mark on those fortunate enough to experience her artistry.