female uber driver

Growing up years ago, my mother made me do all chores and didn’t separate jobs for male and female children. My siblings and I were taught to do all chores so I was often told to wash my father’s car and my curiosity arose to learn to drive very early.

Meet Me
My name is Evelyn Okondugba-Solomon from Aniocha South Local Government Area of Delta state, Nigeria. I’m a christian, a mother of three lovely children, and the Managing Director of 3tees Foods and PR/Marketing Consultant.
My early years in primary/secondary schools were in Lagos and my tertiary education was at the University of Nigeria, Enugu Campus. I belong to The Nigerian Red Cross Society, The Nigerian Institute of Public Relations. I speak English, Igbo, Yoruba and a little of French. I’m learning to speak Hausa too.


Being an extrovert, I like meeting people, travelling, learning different languages and public speaking. I’m warm, fun-loving and like to lead or pioneer new projects, ideas etc. I’m not frightened by adversities and I don’t quit easily.

The fact that women can now fly planes, ride tricycles and do other things that men alone do before. I recognized the opportunity to express my passion for driving through UBER and I’m creating the ambiance for other women who weren’t courageous enough.

My motivation is drawn from the fact that I’ve been a single mom for years and I’m in a position to understand the challenges faced and what we are going through. It is tough to handle children alone and lots of women are single moms today not because they like it but because they need to be alive for their children (Physically abused). Widows become single moms because they lost their spouses. They also need to stay strong for their children. I have a calling to support the abused, heart-broken women, to remove self pity and boost their confidence to thrive in a difficult society.

Project and activities
•Working on advocacy for single moms support and their children’s welfare.
•Restructuring my restaurant business. I want to bring it to a world class level where everyone can eat affordable meals 24/7.
•When less busy, I read inspirational and motivational books. I like going to the movies, dancing, listen to good music and cooking. I’m writing a book as well.

Not backing down
Yes, many times I’ve felt like giving up because of the adjustments I have to make at home but God has been my strength and my children have been very encouraging.

Reward of being a female driver
The commendations from riders and satisfaction that I’m meeting people’s needs. I’m blessed and feel blessed. I’m popularly called “Angelina Jolie of UBER Nigeria” by riders and friends.

Nigerians views concerning women in male dominated fields
Most Nigerians don’t value women in male dominated fields. Here in Nigeria, men are complex and are easily frustrated when women do better. Besides many women don’t challenge men because of the customs traditions and beliefs in Nigeria.I am a Woman of Rubies
Overcoming challenges and still standing tall and strong.

Final words to women
If men have given up on you, God hasn’t. He is not a respecter of persons, but of His covenant. Don’t lose faith. “The calling of our lives has already been determined in heaven. Our purpose in the sight of God is already an accomplished thing awaiting its fulfillment” – T.D. Jakes Speaks to Women.