Fathia Abdullahi


A pre-teen developed an impressive robot to help with one of life’s most tedious tasks.

Many people put off folding their clothes after washing and drying. While you were piling your garments in your closet, 12-year-old Fathia Abdullahi developed a robot with the ability to fold clothes.

“This is the t-shirt folder,” the young Nigerian told Reuters. “I made it because there are too much clothes to fold on Saturdays and Sundays when you wash a lot.”

When someone places a shirt in the middle of the surface, it is folded by the four grey beams on each side. The machine is a prototype, according to India Times, but it already folds t-shirts perfect.

Abdullahi started coding when she was 11 years old and aspires to be a food scientist. Coding is a passion for the young techie.

“When I grow up, I will love to be a food scientist,” she told BBC last month. “I would be able to use this coding to build so many things that would help me.”

Abdullahi’s peer, Oluwatobiloba Nsikakabasi Owolola, is also dabbling in robotics.

“This is the robot grabber,” he said. “I programmed it to identify the object, grab it and take it to another position.”

Owolola started coding when he was only 10 years old and wants to learn everything about it.

“I found Lego robotics interesting,” he said. “I wanted to do it all though.”

Like Abdullahi, he truly enjoys it.

“I love coding, that is why I want to be a robotic engineer,” Owolola declared.

Credit: blavity.com