Farida Ado


TIME Magazine has released the 2018 edition of its annual list of “Next Generation Leaders” and our girl Farida Ado has been featured.

Featuring 11 people from around the world, including pop stars The Weeknd and Ariana Grande, TIME describes Farida as “Kano’s Jane Austen.”

32-year-old Farida is known for her romance novels. Picture a Mills & Boon novel, but in Hausa.
Speaking to TIME, Farida said: “Women turn to romance novels to figure out how to live their own lives.”
And her books draw inspiration from real-life events, too!

Discussing her series “The Block of Ashes,” Farida revealed she was inspired by the story of her neighbor who, trying to solve her marital problems, decided to see a juju priest. She said:
I try to reflect the reality of society in my stories. These juju doctors had become a menace in many homes.