Through EWARE (Empowering Women in Arts and Related Enterprises), Adara Foundation trains financially challenged women to be skilled artisans, knowledgeable about and able to produce and trade profitably in the best quality adire, tie and dye and batik paint. EWARE women are trained by some of the leading textile artists in Nigeria. Over 200 women have been trained since the program launch in 2017. Adara was founded in 2015 and has impacted over 6,000 families through its skills acquisition development and access to health and education programs.

TAN by Tiffany Amber is the diffusion line of the iconic African lifestyle brand, Tiffany Amber. TAN aims to be more accessible to women and girls across Africa while still carrying the heritage of the anchor brand, Tiffany Amber. TAN mixes a blend of modern designs with the culture and creativity of our fast growing continent by sourcing locally produced inputs and partnering with local and African artists and artisans to deliver fashionable and culturally authentic products.

Tiffany Amber and Adara Foundation share a common goal in deepening the fashion industry in Nigeria by creating a platform for creative fabric design led by women.


Credit: pulse.ng