Eva Sonaike


Eva Sonaike is a London-based interiors and lifestyle brand, creating luxurious textiles, home-décor and accessories with a distinctive and vibrant West-African aesthetic. Inspired by the cultural mélange of West-African textile tradition and European craftsmanship, a passion for interior design and an exuberant love of colour.

Eva Sonaike Wallpaper

‘I’m completely self-taught; I don’t have a degree in textiles but I can draw and have an eye for what works together,’ says the German-born, London-based former fashion journalist, who set up her eponymous company 11 years ago. ‘I start by creating moodboards using Pantone cards and colour swatches that reflect the essence of a theme connected to West Africa. After lockdown, I decided to take things back to basics. Until now, all my prints have been vibrant and bold. This collection still uses strong shades but it feels calmer than anything I’ve done before. I want to show that something can be simple but still make an impact.’


She is a journalist and has experience working in the creative and lifestyle sector. She had a great career as a journalist and couples with her ability to multitask and the experiences she has garnered from working as a TV producer, magazine journalist and fashion PR over the past 12 years affords her that expertise needed to run a business.
She is also multilingual (fluent in German, English and French and a bit of Yoruba). These play a role in how well she has been able to run and manage her business.

Eva Sonaike is a motivation and a strong proof that you don’t have to limit yourself to your field of study. Regardless of where you work at or what you’re studying, you can still dream and act on your dreams. As long as you have a passion for it, you believe in it and you work smart, you can reach your goals and make that dream of yours a reality.

As a piece of advice to other women looking to venture into a start-up, Eva says ‘First of all, you have to have a great product, idea or service. The market is over-flooded with so much these days, that you really have to stand out! Then be persistent and don’t be discouraged if there is a ‘no’ or some doors won’t open. You have to have a lot of stamina and keep going. It is a ongoing journey, which can be very frustrating sometimes, but if you stay positive and focused, unexpected things may happen!’


Image credit: https://www.evasonaike.com/