Eniola Opaleye


Eniola Opaleye is a phone product photographer and a law graduate. Her ability to create appealing product pictures with her mobile phone stands her out amongst several product photographers. She has shot countless images of products with international standard.

She currently has a telegram community of over 300 members where she teaches basic tips on product photography. Eniola doesn’t believe in giving up on her dreams irrespective of challenges faced. One of her product pictures trended on the bird app (twitter) and attracted the recognition of influencers and foreign communities. Asides taking product pictures she interns with a consulting firm.

She shares her journey with Women of Rubies on this interview;

Childhood Influence

I was very creative while growing up and it has helped my journey as a phone product photographer changing the way product pictures are shot in Nigeria. I was that child that loved hair styling and makeup so much that I would plead with my mum and sisters to practice with their hair and face, you know how last born can be? I pestered till they agreed to be my model. So I was sure I was either going to learn the art of makeup or hair styling, but then I kept procrastinating to take the step till I gained admission to study law and I just didn’t enrol to learn either of the two till date. I remember I had a mini doll I made hair for passionately (laughs).

My Inspiration Behind Photography

I was in a space I couldn’t continue with street photography I started with last year during the lockdown. Then I asked myself “what can I do?”. Immediately it struck me I could take beautiful shots of random product I have at home. Gradually, I improved and some pictures of small business owner’s product I saw on Instagram on a particular day made me realize there is a market that needs a solution. A lot of vendors don’t know how important good pictures help sell their product, I saw that and decided to proffer that solution with what I have.

The journey so far

It has been interesting. I started with little or no recognition to being recognised across several countries. I can recall lots of people didn’t understand what I was doing and they felt it was a child’s play. I started doubting my skill and said I would stop phone product photography till I get a camera but see who is getting paid for the skill she didn’t give up on. I’m also learning every day, using props that I wasn’t aware of and the beautiful thing is I come across products I haven’t seen or used before.  I’m optimistic about this journey and the opportunities lined up for me. 

Impact Of My Journey As A Law Graduate Currently Working In A Consulting Firm

It has been in several ways; the firm has helped improve my work ethic and client interaction. This is what I have also implemented in my business and life, how to engage with clients, communication and negotiation skills, and also maintaining good relationship with people. I have learnt to understand people differently and manage situations. Also, learning how to meet deadlines is also important in this business. Clients want you to deliver and you don’t want to be perceived as a lazy photographer who doesn’t keep to deadlines.

The Amazing Feat Of How One Of My Product Pictures Trended Recently

It was a dream come through and a perfect birthday gift. I have been posting pictures on the bird app but gained little recognition, however I didn’t give up. It was a win I deserved and it attracted influencers which opened up several opportunities that I had to turn down some. It made me realize I needed a community/group where I could help other aspiring product photographers with some tips on product photography. The amazing part of my work is, I inspire other phone product photographers who feel they can’t be recognised to keep creating and that makes me happy.

My Current Experience With Photography And What I Hope To Achieve In The Future

I am enjoying the ride, perfecting my skill, building my profile and ensuring client satisfaction. I see my brand creating appealing product pictures for top brands, teaching millions of small business owners across the world how to create eye-catching product pictures just from their home and hopefully in cooperate phone videography while building my profile as a seasoned legal practitioner.


Meeting demands and showing up with good content can be overwhelming considering it’s just me and the brand for now. Then investing in photography equipment can be expensive but gradually I will balance it up.

My Other Projects And Activities.

I love design, so it’s a skill I’m trying to perfect because I need it for my brand as well. It has helped me create simple graphics for my Instagram page and some other projects. I’m working on video content for small business owners but it is still in the works so when it’s ready it will be available for all to see. 

Three Women Who Inspire Me To Be Better And Why

I really admire Mazbricreative’s work, her product pictures are standard, colourful and she has worked with several known brands. I also watch her behind the scenes and see how creative she is, this helps me to get creative with all my pictures.

Amanda Campeanu is a commercial brand photographer based in Brisbane, I love her ability to teach with her Youtube videos and this has really helped my product styling.

Ty Bello is amazing and good at what she does, she has built her brand over the years and I aspire to follow that path. She gives me hope that being a woman in this line of work shouldn’t be a limitation but an advantage.

My Advice To Young Women

Don’t let anyone kill your dreams, you have the power to decide how you want your life to turn out with the help of God, so take charge. Always know what you want, it helps you to make specific decisions and if you don’t know what you want, go to God, watch that thing people are saying you are good at and build the skill till you perfect it. Lastly, have the right people in your corner they will always be there to lift you up when you feel discouraged and be prepared for the growth you desire. 

As A Woman Of Rubies

I am a sought after woman who possess value. I inspire other women to become better version of themselves through my consistency, discipline and desire for success.