Empowered women


In today’s dynamic world, empowered women are rewriting the script when it comes to relationships. They embrace their strength and independence, while also fostering healthy and meaningful connections with their partners. These empowered women possess a unique set of qualities that set them apart in their relationships, creating a positive impact on both their personal growth and the dynamics of their partnerships.

Let’s explore seven empowering traits that make a significant difference in how these remarkable women navigate their romantic journeys.

1) They put self-care first

Empowered women are empowered because they know how to look after themselves.

Of course, they also pour love and care into their relationships, but one mistake they don’t make is sacrificing themselves in the process. Just as the common advice dished out on airlines states: “Put your own oxygen mask on before helping others”…These women know that to show up for the people in their lives, they need to be healthy themselves first.

2) They share the responsibilities equally

I’d consider myself an empowered woman. My mom, on the other hand, isn’t. She’s from another generation and culture – women voicing their wants and needs was unheard of.

So, in her marriage, she does all the domestic work as well as holds down a job. Over the years, her resentment towards my dad became obvious. It’s not that he won’t help her, it’s that she doesn’t have the confidence to ask.

In my relationship?

We both work, so we both split the responsibilities and chores equally!

This way neither of us feels resentment toward the other. We actually get things done quicker so we have more free time to enjoy life.

This was a requirement of mine when we moved in together and man, it’s been a game-changer!

3) They’re financially independent

Empowered women know that to be self-reliant and independent, they need to have their own source of income.

That’s not to look down on women who don’t work or stay-at-home moms.

Empowered women know when to take a break and lean on their partners too.

But ultimately, they know that having their own money means the freedom to do what they want, without having to ask someone else every time they want to do something!

4) They Praise their partner’s success

Another thing empowered women do differently in relationships is big up their partner’s successes.

They don’t feel resentful, jealous, or threatened.

In fact, they will do everything in their power to support and uplift the men in their lives!

Why is this so?

Well, empowered women feel secure within themselves. And when you feel confident in your own abilities, you don’t fear the success of others.

So, when it comes to their partner taking on a new job or being promoted, they’re all for it!

5) They Make Decisions Together

I know of relationships where the woman calls all the shots. I also know of relationships where the man is totally in control.

Neither of these scenarios is healthy though, and empowered women know this!

That’s why they cultivate relationships where both feel heard and valued. Where both people can put their ideas forward in a safe space, free from ridicule or judgment.

And it’s not rocket science…

When both make decisions together, their bond and respect levels increase tenfold! It’s a sign of teamwork and partnership.

6) They continuously learn and grow

Ever heard the expression, “This is just the way I am. Like it or lump it.”

You’ll probably never hear an empowered woman utter this line.

Because they never stop working on themselves. Perfection isn’t a word in their dictionary.

These women value self-development and rather than accept their flaws and expect everyone around them to do the same, they actively work to be better people.

But here’s the catch:

They expect the same from their partners. They don’t want a man who stays stuck in his bad habits, they want someone they can grow with.

7) They maintain a strong support network

Have you noticed how some friends get into a relationship and seem to fall off the face of the earth?

Well, these friends aren’t the empowered women in your life, that’s for sure!

That’s because empowered women keep their social circles strong, no matter how loved up they are with their men.