My first Economics class enlightened me on the difference(s) between human needs versus human wants and how humans can be quite insatiable. So, in order to effectively manage human resources to fit perfectly into these needs, it becomes necessary to draw a scale of preference and know opportunity costs to avoid frivolous spending.

Economics was no doubt one of my favourite subjects in Secondary School inasmuch as Mr Oyakhire made it seem cloudy and boring as more than half of the class were usually long gone in the dream world. The interest amazes me till date.

Some days back after close of work, my colleagues and I got talking on priorities. The topic basically centred on how we can’t make choices or ‘’help’’ people with their choices because choices and priorities will forever remain relative. Thankfully, parents are beginning to get the drift that they can’t force their choices on kids anymore.

Eventually, we all have to make various choices but with some wisdom. There’s nothing logical in a grown man putting his life savings towards the completion of the house his late father left behind in a village when he clearly has no investment in the city he lives in when as a matter of fact, he squats with his newly engaged fiancée and younger sister since he got fired from his banking job.

I also find it ridiculous about the struggle that goes in traveling habrod to have kids with no specific provisions of accommodation, hospital bills and other necessities. Or what do you think about someone who sold some valuables just to attain a Toyota Avalon? His priority, right?

You see, everyone suffers from setting wrong priorities ranging from work relationships, family relationship, boy-girl relationships, etc. Our government is not left out considering how well they concentrate more on unimportant and irrelevant issues rather than work towards the growth of the country.

Remember how long the government played well in the ‘’blame game’’? The constant disapproval and criticism of the past administration? Ok, we know the past administration must have gone a little over the top in misappropriation of bills but can we move on to more pressing issues in the country?

Personally, I think when humans devise means of setting right priorities, more than half of the problems will be solved

Now, we all tend to think increase in salaries automatically solves or accommodate all of our excesses. WRONG! An increment only increases and widens your taste. That’s when our taste buds yearns for rather expensive stuff and we think we’ve finally ‘’arrived’’. It’s not evil to spoil oneself with the good things of life, abi who no like good tin?

According to an Emotional Intelligence Speaker, you can’t manage your huge resources if you do not manage your little resources effectively. It’s no magic. That is practically the period you increase your general taste in fashion, feeding, location, school for kids and many more, to compete with people who can afford these luxuries in a snap. You go as far as going on expensive vacays when your bank account is crying. Some might even get carried away with little or nothing to show for after years of service.

Humans generally want to ‘’belong’’. Just as a peacock displays its beautiful tail, humans want to show off the newly acquired item to fit into their social cycle. Like it or not, adults get intimidated from time to time which eventually leads to esteem issues especially when an adult lacks the discipline to say NO to unnecessary expenses.

Discipline goes a long way to setting right priorities. Discipline shapes characters which is an important ingredient in saving for rainy days. You don’t have to be ashamed to tell your wealthy friends that you can’t afford a luxurious Abu Dhabi vacation. Real friends consider each other’s pocket in initiation of fun.

In one of Uncle Joro’s numerous letters of lamentation, a lady kept grumbling about her friend’s selfish wedding plans. This friend wanted her friends to look ‘’foreign’’ (esteem issues) by getting blue eye contacts and buying some floor-sweeping human hair. She also wanted them to buy red-bottom shoes. The estimate for these according to the grumbling lady was about 150-200k. All for Bellanaija.

If you can afford this for a friend’s wedding, spend your savings on it by all means. You’re an OBO and also ‘’self-made’’ after all. Lord knows I desire the good and beautiful things of life but I know the material I have. So I cut my style according to my available material, knowing that in HIS time, all things shall be beautiful.

Patience is all that requires to bridle your taste buds. Oh ye taste buds, you will get satisfied only with the available foods. You’ll get all that you want, all that you desire in good time.

I’d love to know how you’ve managed with your yards of material to fit your size. How do you set your priorities? What expense has cost almost your arm and leg?

By : Olwaseyi Efuntoye

Email : sefuntoye@gmail.com

Instagram : @seyyi_