Disney Martinez


If you have not taken a browse through Disney Martinez’s instagram FitCouple, do yourself a favour and check it out, but be warned. You will immediately be overwhelmed with the desire to know how you can achieve the incredible success, lavish lifestyle, and fulfilling family that Disney has cultivated for herself.

Disney Martinez, or as she is now known, Disney de la Concepcion, is actually a name you may have heard before. If you are a big fitness buff, you may already be one of her one million followers on Instagram who flock to her feed for inspiration and motivation. If you keep tabs on successful entrepreneurs, you may have read about her tremendous success with the company Herbalife. If you are a proponent of women’s empowerment, she may even be one of your role models. In any case, the life she has made for herself is enviable in many ways, and none of it was handed to her on a silver platter.

Born in Havana, Cuba and arriving in the United States at age 15, Disney is your classic American Dream story hero. She moved here looking to achieve greatness, and found one of her greatest assets at 16, her husband Jorge. The couple has two children: Lucas who turns 7 this year, and Jade, who turns 5. They recently purchased a gorgeous home in Miami. Of all her many achievements, Disney cites her family as the one that brings her the most pride and joy.

In the professional spectrum, Disney has made a name for herself through the building her company. As of June 11th, 2018, Disney and Jorge went into business with each other, and were noted to be globally successful in their industry. The success really shows. If you follow her on Instagram, you see it every day.

Due in part to her skills in marketing as well as word of mouth of her successful, physically fit, lavish lifestyle, Disney has amassed over one million followers on Instagram. She frequently updates her adoring fan base with workout clips, cute couple pics, and the numerous travels and activities that she and her children enjoy. She also uses this popularity as a platform for women’s empowerment, a subject that is very near and dear to her heart. You can tell from the many appreciative comments on her posts that her goal of inspiring women to be the best they can be and love themselves for their strengths is being effectively achieved.

A successful businesswoman who is incredibly fit, lives life loud and large, and has a loving, happy family is a rare sight. Disney is the American Dream personified, and her numerous successes only continue to grow as she sets her sights for the future.