Dior Beauty


Nina Dobrev has been named the newest Brand Partner for Dior Beauty.

The 30-year-old actress chatted with Harper’s Bazaar about the partnership and dished on her favorite items in the brand.

“I always looked up to Dior. It felt so timeless and classy and elegant in every way,”

Nina says. “I think the Miss Dior scent is what I always associated with that grace and timelessness. That was probably the first product I recognized, purchased, and aspired to as a little girl.”

Some of her favorite items include the “999” Rouge Dior Ultra Care Lipstick, and Forever Foundation.

Nina also revealed what she’s looking forward to in the coming year.

“2019 was a whirlwind it had a lot of great moments and some tough moments and that’s all part of being a human,” she says. “I am looking forward to a fresh start and fresh slate, new year. I set some new intentions and start this partnership that I am super excited about with Dior and see what the future has in store.”



Credit: justjared.com