Dennis Christiania Chiamaka


Dennis Christiana Chiamaka is a twenty year old student of Abia State University, Uturu studying Medicine and Surgery.

She is a google certified digital marketing strategist, coach and trainer, a videographer, a copywriter, a storyteller, a content creator and a movil consult certified graphics designer. She is also a bead maker/beaded jewelry designer.

She runs a multi unit enterprise – Her Domain Creations(HDC), that offers these services.

1.Let’s meet you. Who is Dennis Christiana?
I am Dennis Christiana Chiamaka, born 20 years ago in Abia state, Nigeria. I am a student of Abia State University, Uturu studying Medicine and surgery, a Christian and a volunteer.

I am a google certified digital marketing strategist, coach and trainer, a videographer, a copywriter, a storyteller, a content creator and a movil consult certified graphics designer. I also train other people on the above digital skills. Oh, I’m a bead maker/beaded jewelry designer too, I also have a non-digital skill.

I show individuals how to make active income using their smartphone and working professionals how to make passive income using their smartphone.

I run a multi unit enterprise – Her Domain Creations(HDC), that offers these services.
You can visit my social media pages @christiana_makky and @herdomaincreations on Instagram and Dennis Christiana on Facebook.

2. Who and what inspires you?
I get inspired by my dad a lot. Then, there are some young ladies in Nigeria who are making waves and still supporting each other(women supporting women) that inspire me. Women like Bestie Atti, Grace Ihejiamazu and Laiza King. I met Ijeoma Ndukwe(@nwanyiakamu_global on IG) not too long ago and that woman is a great source of inspiration to me too.

3. Your biggest fear?
I actually have 2 big fears. The first one is the fear of rejection and second one is the fear of disappointing my parents.


4.You are a google certified digital marketing strategist, videographer, copywriter, storyteller, content creator, movil consult certified graphics designer, CEO Her Domain Creations..What motivated you to go for all these skills? Where there any fear initially? If yes how did you overcome them?
My main motivation at first was the quest for independence, financial independence but as soon as I started, I discovered other things that motivated me. Along the way, I started seeking relevance, you know, I always want to have something to bring to the table, I want to be a person of value. To be honest, I’m not done yet because I still have so many skills(digital and physical) I would love to learn. I’ll definitely attain mastery in one or two of them but I intend to keep going for more, making myself a better person daily.
The fear of rejection as I said earlier is one of my biggest fears, I also have the fear of failure once in a while, the fear and feeling of not being enough. I overcame and is still overcoming these fears by staying around positive people who talk me out of these fears and into faith and strong convictions. As a Christian, my Bible helps me a lot whenever the fear of failure creeps in. I also have affirmations I say to myself daily, that help me overcome my fears.

5. You are a medical student yet you are an entrepreneur with lots of skills . How do you keep up with your several interests and fortes?
As a medical student, I must say that it is really not easy to keep up with academics and being updated on skills especially in a school as stressful as mine. No matter how I try to stay away, I only get more interested in all these skills so I met someone who taught me something that helps as regards time management, planning.
By planning I mean allocating time to my academics, business and other aspects of my life and carrying out their activities during the time allocated to them in each day. I’ve not mastered this right now because I’m still in the process but that has helped me a lot.

Another thing is that I have accountability partners who help me checkmate my activities and ensure I achieve my goals while balancing the different areas of my life. This is also very important because I could slack on my own but because I have someone/people I report to daily, I try not to mismanage my time.

6. Your best quote?
Perfection is not attainable but if we chase perfection, we can catch excellence.


 7. What was growing up for you like? And did your childhood in any way prepare you for everything you do now?
Growing up was beautiful for me I would say. I can’t say that I suffered or I had nothing because I have parents who want the best for their children and would never want to see them lack or beg. Even when they’re not in their best financial situation, they try their very best to provide for my siblings and I, making sure we are always comfortable. So, I grew up depending fully on my parents and having my needs always satisfied.
Yes, I would say that childhood prepared me for everything I do now because I grew up having almost everything and begging for nothing. Yes, till today I don’t know how to beg because it wasn’t part of me in the beginning. I’m not trying to shame anyone who begs or anything but you know what I mean. I grew up wanting to be independent believing that after school, I’d have to leave my parents and cater for myself. I wanted to continue with the life I grew up with, the one my parents created for me and even start my own family in that manner. I’ve always wanted to get to the point where I’ll be able to manage most of my financial needs without involving my parents even while in school. You know, the point where I wouldn’t have to depend on any uncle, aunt or even friends. I have not gotten to that point yet but that’s where I’m headed.
Reading medicine and becoming a doctor has always been my childhood dream but as I grew, I realized that I can be a doctor and be other things too. I can make money as a student while waiting and preparing to be a doctor so, why not go for it? Having extra sources of income apart from the one my certificate brings wouldn’t hurt😉☺.

8. What keeps you up at night?
I value my sleep so if I’m awake at night, I’m doing something important. I’m either reading, doing work related stuff(taking a course, creating content, etc) or praying.

9. What is your study routine like?
I try to read/study at least 3 hours daily(this is a habit I am still cultivating because I’m not perfect at it yet). Most times, I read 1hr 30 mins-2hrs during the day and 2-3hrs at night. I have a reading timetable which is fitted into my daily time table.

10. One accessory you can’t leave home without
If my phone counts as an accessory, my answer would be my phone(my phone is my mobile office, why would I ever leave it?). If my phone doesn’t count, I always make sure I have my earrings on before I leave home so that would be the answer.

11. Where do you see yourself/your brand in the next 5 years?
I’ll take this question as two questions and answer separately.
First of all, how do I see my myself in the next 5 years? I know and believe that I as a person am a brand of my own. To start with, in the next 5 years I’ll be a practicing medical doctor, you know with my MBBS and I’ll be a well known woman in the digital world. The successful CEO of Her Domain Creations, yes, I’ll be a queen in my niche. A well sought-after doctor who isn’t only book-oriented but also a giant in the digital world, I’ll be The Digital Doctor.

The second question, how do I see my brand in the next 5 years? Apart from being a brand of my own, my business is also my brand. Her Domain Creations(HDC) my brand is a multi unit production enterprise, this is what I had in mind when I started. In the next 5 years, I know that HDC will be a well known name with different units successfully established. We will most definitely have a physical location with about one, two or three branches in different states in Nigeria.
HDC will be one of the best digital companies in Nigeria who partners and works with national and multi-national companies to improve the digital space of this country.
I’m excited to see what the next 5 years would bring.

12. If given the chance to be the president of Nigeria for a day, what will you change?
There are so many things I’ll love to change but most importantly, I’ll restructure the system of education. The system of education because it is one of the most important sectors of the economy that influences the thoughts of people especially the children and the youth.
I’ll improve the system of education so that the youth wouldn’t just see the school especially higher institution as a place to enter, get certified and come out depending on the government for jobs. I’ll make sure they are taught that education is beyond the walls of the school and that even as students, they can provide for themselves through legal means.

13. If you were given the opportunity to address a group of girls five years younger than you, what will be your advice to them?
Five years younger than me would be 15 lol. If given an opportunity to address a group of girls five years younger than me, I’ll tell them to start where they are because location is not a barrier, start with whatever they have (I started with my smartphone), keep putting in the work consistently and believe in themselves always. I’ll also make sure to let them know that they can be more than one thing at a time that is, they can be doctors and still be graphics designers, content creators and even chefs.