Debola Salako-Kupoluyi


FREE was launched virtually in Lagos on Wednesday, 13 May 2020 at 3pm on Zoom.

FREE is a book by Debola Salako-Kupoluyi that exposes sexual molestation in children, its effects and provides a guide to healing through transformational tools.

The book FREE was inspired by God and the essence is to bring change to the next generation by shining a bright light where few others dare to go.

Free reveals how six successful women were sexually abused when they were children. It highlights precautions that could be taken to avoid sexual abuse in children and emphasizes the importance of parenting. The book FREE is real and powerful – it would leave you in awe of the potentials that the human soul has to endure pain and rise to great heights.

FREE is for people of all ages and more specifically written for children, teenagers, their parents/guardian and anyone at all who has suffered the ugly acts of sexual molestation and its effects.

The author is in partnership with Cece Yara Foundation and Mantle of Mordecai (MOM) foundation to provide professional counselling, treatment and ongoing support to children who are victims of sexual abuse helped through FREE.

As part of the commitment to eradicating childhood sexual molestation, 25% of proceeds from the sale of FREE would go to Cece Yara foundation. Its mission is to prevent child sexual molestation through community empowerment and support. Also, 25% to Mantle of Mordecai (MOM) foundation. Its mission is to enhance the value of life of children by ensuring that they get quality education. The proceeds will be used to sponsor the education of a child who is a victim of sexual abuse.

The e-copy of the book is now available online on Amazon Kindle and Okadabooks. Hardcopy preorder is also ongoing, and it will be ready for distribution within three weeks.

See link to order e-copy or preorder hardcopy https://linktr.ee/Freebydsk

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