Coco Chanel


The fear of getting into a studio was one of the troubles Nicki Minaj had to deal with in an abusive relationship which caused her to lose confidence in herself.

This is captured in her “Queen”documentary which is yet to have a date of release.The rapper dropped two teasers on her IG on Tuesday, both talking about her experiences as a little girl who was exposed to domestic violence and a bad relationship.

In one of the clips, she recalls rushing in to protect her mum from a father who is reportedly abusive.

“I let one human being make me so low that I didn’t even remember who I was. I was scared to get in the studio. I didn’t believe in myself,” 35-year-old Minaj mentions while talking about an abusive relationship

Spending time away from New York helped her handle this challenge. In Miami she recorded ‘Coco Chanel’ and ‘Good Form’ both captured in her August album “Queen”.

Credit: Pulse