Olubukola Adio is wife, mother and a business owner. A graduate of business administration from Yaba college of Technology. Bukky worked in the banking sector before relocating to south Africa to pursue a career in nursing, On her return she started a clothing store out of her passion for humanity, after encountering several kids who were clothe less, she started donating to these kids and some orphanage homes, this informed her decision to start her clothing store “Clothezoo”. Bukky shares her inspiring journey in this interview.
Childhood Influence
I will say a yes to that because I practically grew up not knowing my mother. I lost her early in life and I have a polygamous background, even though I have a caring father the absence of a mother growing up meant I had to do a lot for myself . I have always looked inwards rather than look in the wrong places to fill the void. So growing up I had a little poultry in the house and I sold eggs, made and sold clothes, I sold cold drinks, marketed computers and a host of other little businesses that bred the entrepreneurial spirit in me. So I would say yes my childhood had a major part to play.

Meet Bukky!
My name is Olubukola Adio nee Okoya. A wife, mother to 3 wonderful kids and a business owner. I attended Yaba college of Technology. Studied business administration and I’m also a chartered administrator. Prior to now in terms of work experience I had my industrial attachment at First Bank then my Service year at Tantalizers. I worked at This Present House as an admin staff before temporarily relocating to South Africa to pursue a career in nursing .

Starting “ClothesZoo”
I have always had a thing for clothes; it has always been in my head that I will do this one day as I was compelled to go into this business when I saw a lot of clotheless kids when I returned to Nigeria and So there was no looking back once I started . I started by giving free clothes to some street kids before delving into this business full time. I hope to come out with our own branded clothing soon that will match quality with affordability and also support people who can’t afford to clothe themselves. With my clothing store “Clotheszoo” I hope to be able to make an impact not just as a clothier but one who also gave hope to those who can’t afford to clothe themselves.


Women Who Inspire me to do more
People’s success stories are a great source of inspiration to me .It works like a rush of adrenaline in my system. People like Oprah Winfrey who I think is a standard of success for women inspire me, also Iyanla Vazant, Nkoyo Rapu, Grace Aiyedogbon and every striving and thriving woman out there.

It gladdens my heart when people walk into my store but also make reference to hearing about me by or two people I clothed for free. This make me realize there is something I am getting right and that’s my reward.

Finance is always a major issue and it’s further compounded by the seeming uncertainty in the financial market. Funds for expansion is readily not available, interest rates are most unfriendly and the lack of support for growing businesses from regulators

Giving to the less privileged
I run a socially responsible business that gives back at every given opportunity .We’ve and are still supporting orphanages with clothes for the children. We do a regular give away during festive seasons and clothe street kids

Never felt like giving up
It has never crossed my mind to want to give up. Primarily because I’m living my dream, to be successful one has to be happy on the inside and that’s what propels me in addition to having a wonderful and supporting husband. Not forgetting an amazing family and friends.

I am a woman of Rubies
A woman of rubies exemplifies moving from adversity to a position of strength. I started from nothing then from a suitcase, to a shop to where we are right now and we still aspire to be bigger than this. Just like an airplane that takes off against the wind I keep breaking through adversities and a shining example to other women. The fact that I also give freely to the less privileged makes me a woman of rubies.

Women are not weak!
I want women to understand that we have a role to play in the scheme of things. God created Man then Woman as support .What we must understand is this; what must support another object should also be stronger or of equal strength as the object. God did not create women weak; we are not the weaker vessel.