Christine Kato


Christine Kato is reative director and founder House of Christine Art and Designs a Nigerian based company which creates Art inspired designs. The young northern based designer was born on May 2nd 1994 in Makurdi,Nigeria; a sociology graduate of the University of Abuja,Nigeria. I

Christie is an avid writer, artist, designer, a human and animal right activist, and a feminist who uses her design for notable causes. She is presently using her bag designs to create awareness for breast cancer awareness. In commemoration of the breast cancer awareness month I bring you the inspiring story of a young woman whose breast bag initiative isn’t only helping to educate people on cancer but also advocate for more Health reforms as it relates to treatment and medical help.

Childhood Influence

I wouldn’t say I had this planned but I had a good foundation to prepare me for what I was to expect in the future; I always knew I could achieve anything I wanted as long as I put my mind to it. I was fortunate enough to have the basic things I needed to help me succeed.

Being an animal right activist

I believe animals are Gods special angels on earth; God placed them into our care for us to honour them: We lose more of our humanity when we are cruel to animals; we are the only true voices animals have; we must fight for them; we must save the animal; we must save our planet.

House Of Christine

House of Christine Art and Designs is a Nigerian based Art/Fashion company which creates unique art pieces.
Our Art designs are form of one expressing himself: an essential ingredient to empowering the hearts of people they are a remarkable way of depicting culture all over the world, they act as therapy to convey memory, hope: to remind us that we can strive to see it appreciate it and have. it self appreciating art tells stories reflection of the society garnering attention to people about causes that are otherwise ignored.

They are pure works of art so they are delicately crafted so every ornamental detail, structure and functional property matters,so as to convey the message about the inspiration of the design.All designs are the first of its kind they are all intellectual properties of house of Christine arts and designs and are subject to patents

House of Christine Art and Designs is all about creating Art that people can relate to and showcase with confidence.


Inspiration behind breast bag for Cancer

“The inspiration behind the design emanates from a feminist view: a revolution; the need to empower women to reclaim, celebrate and embrace their bodies, sexualities: to display the power of feminity: to create awareness about issues affecting women; to make feminity look fierce to celebrate womanhood.” October is breast cancer awareness month and there is no better time to celebrate the design than now!

The reception so far

There has been a lot of contention and controversy over the breast handbag design; some received it positively others negatively; some see it for what it really stands for while others have a different perspective of what it is; causing a lot of stir with attacks here and there. My staffs are also under attacks; and are told to cut ties with me.

Anyone who knows me knows I’m stubborn. I go for what I want! I fight for what I believe in! I’m an artist! I love what I do! I am unique! I am bold and daring!The more attacks I receive the more I’m motivated I am to push on.This is my world I rule it!.


I would say an idea is just an idea until it is executed; also new ideas take sometime to be accepted but i would say what motivates me in life and my craft is the hunger to overcome a hurdle a difficulty, a problem a challenge. When I have an idea and seems so impossible to create and others think it’s weird and crazy. I keep pushing no matter how long it takes in order to actualize what I have in my imagination: ironically when the piece has been created it receives appreciation and that’s the best feeling ever. The road can very lonely but it later ends in victory learning from so many mistakes and finally creating a masterpiece. It’s such a satisfying and fulfilling feeling.


The greatest reward i have ever gotten lies in knowing that my consistency, persistence and hard work has finally paid off despite the odds; its such a fulfilling feeling knowing that I’m able to undertake any challenge and successfully achieve it.

My brand in 5 years

In 5 years, my brand would be on a global level impacting and changing lives; breaking barriers competing among top world brands.

On Giving up

A few times in few seconds but I knocked some sense right back into me; I have got the heart of a fighter; nothing ever good comes easy and if it did it wouldn’t be cherished as much as if one worked hard for it; I see every problem as a new opportunity to make positive impact.

Being a Woman of Rubies

I’m strong, passionate, bold and daring powerful beautiful woman! I’m a trendsetter, I break the norms; I set the trend! I’m a woman of substance.

Advice to women battling with breast cancer

Women should see themselves for the magnificent beings they have been created to be; they must tap into their potentials and transform it in power; they must learn to embrace their true uniqueness and love themselves; chase their dreams and soar high! For those battling with Cancer, please don’t give up the fight.