Child advocate


Ogechi Ofurum-Omeike is an alumna of Upper Iowa University, Cardiff Metropolitan University and Afe Babalola University where she was awarded a Bachelor of Science

in Communication, Masters in Business Administration (MBA) and Masters of Science in Communication (Distinction) degrees respectively. She is the founder of Techie and Savvy, the convener of the Future Business Leaders Conference and the author of Raising Smarter Kids. Before founding Techie and Savvy, she has worked in various organizations in the Education Sector, rising from the position of a class as Teacher and Sectional Head Teacher in Silversands Hall School to a short stint at Mindscapes Children’s Museum as the Program Coordinator. Also, she worked at ActivEdge Technologies Limited as the Marketing and Communication Manager where she collaborated with international brands

The beautiful and Teacher  shares her inspiring story with me in this interview.

 Childhood Influence

 Growing up was very interesting and exciting. Most likely because of the special bond I shared with my late dad. Also, I was pampered and loved by my brothers beyond measures. My mum was the disciplinarian of the house and as such, she was always quick to the address my excesses. I had a balanced childhood, one filled with love, care, attention and just the right amount of discipline.

That said, my childhood definitely played a role in preparing me for what I am currently doing. Growing up in a neighbourhood where the rate of illiteracy was strikingly high with domestic violence, substance abuse and teenage pregnancies being acceptable norms, I knew I wanted something different for my life. I recognized I was made for more.In a bid to be more, create and offer value, I chose to follow a path that was less travelled by people in that environment: I pursued education. Little or no wonder even though I started my tertiary education with an OND I proceeded to bag an HND, BSc, MBA, MSC and I am still counting.

Inspiration behind Techie and Savvy

Techie & Savvy is a Social Enterprise in Nigeria; primarily focused on capacity building for children aged 5 to 16years (Primary and Secondary School Pupils). We are committed to developing and empowering young minds to become Entrepreneurial by positioning the younger generation to become problem solvers, value creators and consequently, future business leaders. To achieve the aforementioned we have established the following platforms: School Entrepreneurship Club, Future Business Leaders Conference and, One on One session and Open Trainings.To give meaning to our essence, we collaborate with Parents, Schools, Companies, NGOs, Governments, and Individuals to empower the younger generation.

My book “Raising Smarter Kids”

With the current innovations in the technological space and the role of artificial intelligence in making the world smarter, it becomes unsustainable to raise our kids with moribund principles that do not adequately prepare children for the future. It is therefore vital to review these out-dated parental principles and come up with new strategies in raising our kids to become indispensable in a smart world.

These thoughts birthed the need to write the book ‘Raising Smarter Kids’. In reality, no child is born unintelligent; therefore, raising a smarter kid is totally dependent on the strategies deployed by parents, guardians and teachers in engaging their children.  A solid foundation is essential to the growth and development of a child. Hence, in the book ‘Raising Smarter Kids’, I clearly spelt out the roles parents may play from the womb and preschool days of a child in creating a safe haven for the child. Articulately stating the key principles parents, guardians, teachers and the school management may implement in raising smarter kids.

 Being a  motivational speaker, author and entrepreneur

God has blessed humans with several inherent potential, abilities and he expects us to create value with each of them. The parable of the talents in the bible buttresses this. However, to make the best use of our talents, there is need for good understanding of time management and the ability to pay attention to those things that truly matter.

My Inspiration

I am usually inspired by women that thrive in male dominated industries. I am also greatly motivated by the likes of Afe Babalola who didn’t allow his age to hinder him from pursuing his passion and establishing Afe Babalola University at the age he did; and, by those that have deliberately and consistently turned the stones thrown at them into stepping stones towards the path of greatness.


 Regardless of the type of business, there are usually unique challenges at every stage of business growth. For instance, when we started Techie and savvy, it was challenging convincing some school owners about the essence of the program and our expertise. However, I guess I can say we are gradually making substantial progress in sensitizing the relevant stakeholders. Also, building structures and getting the right crop of people to work with are major challenges. This is why we are deliberate about recruiting graduates, committed to the training and development of our people and most importantly, ensuring that our team members are passionate about developing and empowering young minds to become Entrepreneurs.

On giving up

Like David in the bible, I have consistently encouraged myself to keep pursing my dream even in the face of challenges because the essence of Techie and Savvy is core to the fulfilment of my purpose.

Being a Woman of Rubies

 In all humility, I am a woman that has endured the challenges of life in a bid to achieve and create value. That is what makes me the woman that I am.

Dear Parents….

To a very large extent, you may not have physical control over the sex, structures, features and other genetic compositions of your offsprings but as parents, we can consciously play a role towards the outcome of our kids in life.

There are specific processes and actions we can deploy as parents to ensure our kids have a secured future in a world that is getting smarter by the day. Some of these principles are stated in my recently published book ‘Raising Smarter Kids’. I would advise every parent interested in the future of their children to get a copy of the book.