Chief Zebrudaya


Chief Zebrudaya of ‘The New Masquerade’ has debunked the news of his onscreen wife’s death saying she’s not dead.

Lizzy Evoeme aka Ovularia was rumoured to have passed away after making a name for herself in the 80s sitcom, ‘New Masquerade’ but her onscreen husband, Zebrudaya has denied the claims.

Chika Okpala aka Chief Zebrudaya of the now rested sitcom, ‘The New Masquerade, has dismissed claims that Lizzy Eveome aka Ovuleria is dead.

According to several reports, Zebrudaya debunked the death rumour when he was contacted on the telephone.

He reportedly said Ovuleria is hale and hearty, not dead.

Who’s wishing her dead? I am telling you now that Ovuleria is not dead. You can call on the telephone and she will speak to you. Wishing death means that she will live longer,” Zebrudaya said.

Two member of cast of the 80s sitcom, 'New Masquerade', Chief Zebrudaya and Zaccheus have debunked Lizzy Evoeme aka Ovularia's death rumour.

However, Ovularia’s onscreen husband, Zebrudaya said the actress is currently suffering from arthritis as well as eyesight problem. “It does not mean that she’s dead,” he added.

Also, debunking the rumour, Tony Akposheri, who played the role of Zaccheus, Chief Zebrudaya’s house-help, told Vanguard that he just finished speaking with the thespian now, adding that she’s not dead.

On Tuesday, November 5, 2019, Twitter user, Churchill Ebhodaghe tweeted  about Evoeme’s death. The Twitter user had no details to back his claims.

In March 2017, Veronica Njoku, who is popular for her role as Ramota in ‘The New Masquerade,’ passed away. The late Njoku played the role of Chief Jegede’s (played by Claude Eke) wife and a close ally of Ovularia.

Her death was confirmed by Tony Akposheri, who played the role of Zaccheus, Chief Zebrudaya’s househelp.

‘The New Masquerade’ was a Nigerian sitcom that aired on the Nigerian Television Network during the 1980s until the mid 1990s. It was created and written by James Iroha who also acted in the sitcom as Giringori Akabogu.



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