Canada United World Pageant


Oluwafunmilayo Akaka is an intelligent, astonishing, and beautiful lady who has been passionately following her dreams and doing the most to inspire her generation, older generation and of course the younger generation to pursue their dreams no matter the impediments on their way to success.

She is an aspiring beauty queen with a heart for philanthropy.


Growing up in Ilorin, Kwara State Nigeria with her mum, Funmi had a very humble beginning helping her mum hawk food but always reading all sorts of books she laid her hands on- newspapers and magazines inclusive, which was how she discovered the world of beauty and fashion.

She has always dreamt of becoming a model as she believed she looked and walked like Naomi Campbell; but her dream was dashed when she had an accident which left her both physically and mentally scarred. She lost her confidence and let her dream to become a model and beauty queen die.

While serving her home country in the NYSC scheme, her passion for music, empowering young people and serving seniors blossomed and with that she gave back to her community in Nigeria, Halifax Nova Scotia, and now in Mississauga in those capacities.

Regaining her confidence

Currently, she has overcome her fears, built up her confidence and is running for the title of Mrs. Canada United World. Some of her reasons for competing in the internationally renowned pageant is so that believers like her can start changing the narrative that beauty contest is ungodly, ‘you can be true to God, yourself and your values and still contest in beauty pageants’, she said. Another reason is to give a voice to immigrant women and older women, that their dreams are valid regardless of background, age and scars. She also wants young people to believe in themselves and never lose their confidence no matter the situation they may have passed through or passing through.

Causes Olufunmilayo Akaka supports

When asked what causes she supports, Funmi mentioned that women empowerment (while also encouraging them to embrace their colour and beauty!), children empowerment and seniors care are causes she strongly supports. Which is why she started an initiative for bridging the generational gap between seniors and young people; and giving both worlds opportunities to benefit from one another.

Singing, reading, hiking, and networking is what she does when not working or volunteering.

Funmi Akaka

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