Bukola Afolabi Ogunyeye


Don’t marry a man who has slapped you just “once” in your relationship.

Don’t marry a man who has another lady or ladies in his life while in a relationship with you.

Don’t marry a man who has a character you are not comfortable with.

It is annoying when ladies say “He will change” . Like really?

Listen, Courtship/ Dating is a period for you to know the character, behaviour and values of your would-be Husband ( this post is for Ladies)

Whatever you can’t condone in marriage, whatever you can never put up with in marriage, don’t EVER accept it in your relationship.

Keep moving!

Having it at the back of your mind that a man will change is nothing but stupidity.

If a man will ever change, it is going to be for the worse!

One of the annoying mistakes single ladies make is saying that “No man is perfect”, “He will change” Let me marry this one”.

These are the things worthless Ladies tell themselves. It is worthlessness to settle for just any Penis ( man).

Me, I can’t deal. If you say ” No man is perfect and you go marry an idiot in your quest for marriage, be ready to face the consequences.

In 2017, we should be making a head way and be doing it differently. Enough of stories that touch.

If only Ladies can be wise.

If you are in a relationship where your so called Boyfriend or so called Fiancee is slapping or beating you, you should go have your brain examined!

We don’t want you to bring your Sob stories to us later. Please spare us that shit.

When I talk about marriage , some people with shallow brain will think I hate the Institution of marriage. No, I don’t. Rather, I hate how the desire to marry has made fools out of many women / Ladies.

I can’t comprehend it at all.

If you don’t want to divorce, then you have to be sane and open your eyes clearly now that you are not yet married to that man.

I know shit happens in marriage. I am very aware of that.

That is the reason I will always be very open to divorce and would also Advocate it anytime any day!

Some Nonsense person will say, She is advocating Divorce when she is married.

You see ehn, for that to be popping up in your brain, I don’t think your head is correct at all. #straightface

But………. can Ladies be honest with themselves when it comes to their choice of a Life partner?

Some divorce would never have seen the light of the day if only Ladies refuse to accept shit during courtship!

Many cases of divorce could have been averted.

For the life of me, how do you manage to still stay in a relationship with a “Mike Tyson”?

Some type of men should never have a single goat in their life, let alone a human being!

How do you manage to be in a relationship with a Philanderer?

I was thinking no matter the love Juliet has for Romeo, the moment Romeo, raises his hands to slap Juliet, that love must die immediately but what do I know?

Some men should never be able to get a wife. They ought to remain in their father’s house  wifeless and an object of ridicule for being Gorillas  but these set of men still get wedded every Saturday and their Bride would be smiling like an idiot all over the place. Mtcheeewwwww!

What is wrong with the brain of these Ladies? Is  that how finished they are ni? Is that how worthless they are?

The desire to have a man in your life at all cost is capable of making you become a worthless specie. It will also land you in trouble.

You can’t throw caution to the wind  and expect it not to get messy and messier later.

Ladies, if no one has told you, I am telling you now – Don’t marry a useless and Irresponsible man.

Be single. Singleness is not a disease.

Choose to be single if there are no decent guys again.

Emmmmm, they will come and tell me now ; See o! “she is in her husband’s house but she is telling us not to marry.


Singing in Lagbaja’s voice –

Oju re a ja

Oju re a ja

Pararararan pi ran pa, parararara pin ra……………