bright azuh


The rare feeling you get about realizing that you occupy a space on someone’s mind even for a second is matchless. However some “Strong” women find it very difficult to let their hearts encounter love. This is because of some viewpoints that all men are not to be trusted; a man can only be with you for one thing, your body; all men are cheats, men are all the same, the list goes on. However, researches have shown that the excuses mentioned above are not the major fears of the “Strong” woman. Some of her fears include the Fear of being vulnerable, her problem of trusting a bit more, she is comfortable in her small cubicle and does not want to be exposed to hurt; she loves her sovereignty and does not want to be subjected to unnecessary commitment.

Behind these fears, the “strong” woman craves for love and affection but finds it uneasy to get, this is because her fears have become barricades to catching the fresh air of love.
The feeling of love opens you up to a total new experience that you never knew existed. It relieves your nerves and sometimes saves you from stress by letting you overlook issues. Love makes you feel this overwhelming rush of endorphin and adrenaline that fill you with so much joy and fulfillment. Weigh it any how you deem fit, love is such a beautiful thing that you must experience.
If you are one of the strong women that relent on love, I strongly advice that you give love a chance because it might just happen when you least expects it and when it hits you, you might not be wearing the most suitable protective measure so please stop nursing your fears and let your heart love and be loved.