According to TCS, Kellogg’s has changed it’s Coco Pops’ slogan after a 10-year-old girl Hannah-Marie Clayton, wrote to the company to say she found the slogan to be ‘sexist’.

Hannah-Marie, who is often served breakfast by her dad James while her mum Anne-Marie leaves home early for work, thought the Coco Pops slogan “Loved by kids, approved by mums” a little odd.

So she wrote to the cereal company letting them know she found their slogan ‘sexist.’

Kellogg’s wrote back, letting her know that they would be changing their boxes, and the boxes will now read “Approved by parents.”

The 10-year-old told Metro:

My mum was away so I was just with my dad when I saw it on the cereal box.

It made me think that dads should be included as well because they are important too.

Also some people don’t have a mum and they might find it upsetting.