Brand story


I want us to talk about 5 brand stories you should be sharing with your audience. There are 5 types of stories your brand should be sharing:

Your personal story

If you want to start a conversation with a stranger, you do one of two things:

Introduce yourself briefly and ask about the other person

Find common interests and instantly bond based on shared interests.

None of the strategies is wrong, you can employ both.

The important thing is you make sure to share parts of your personal story that resonates with your audience.

Your self-awareness story

This is keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey

You didn’t just wake up and decide to start the niche business that you are currently working on.

Even if you’re still finding clarity about what you want to do, you can share the different insights you’ve gotten from your self-introspection.

Your growth story

As you get more aware of yourself and you grow, you need to find out what periods in your life you experienced tangible growth (in your mind, capacity or results).

Journal all these experiences and use them as often as you can in your brand stories, as long as your audience can relate to them.


Your result-oriented story.

This is the part a lot of us jump right on to.

It’s not a very effective strategy.

The saying holds through, ‘’I don’t care how much you know until I know how much you care’’.

Hence, you communicate your results-based story with EMPATHY.

Communicate with a shared sense of understanding of the problem and struggles of your audience and how your growth journey and key milestones achieved qualifies you as a guide to help them on their own journey.

Make it all about them.

Never about you.

You’re the guide remember?

Empower your hero to stay in the spotlight. Be the guide.


Your movement story

This is when your storytelling gets interesting.

You have gotten the attention and trust of your hero and you’ve shared your journey: struggles, failures, milestones, successes and how that qualifies you as a guide.

Now, you have to CLEARLY communicate the journey you are taking the hero on and how you will take him on that journey.

Introduce your movement and trigger curiosity, interest, and excitement.

Find other heroes and introduce them too to your movement.

Lead your tribe.


About Esohe

Esohe Igbinoba is the Founder, The Global Brand Network. GBN is a brand management organization with a focus on teaching entrepreneurs the art of influential storytelling for attracting visibility and building an engaged audience so they can build profitable businesses. She helps them to achieve this through her unique system: The Influential Storytelling Formula. She has helped over 150 people in 10 countries. She helps them through her online school, GBN Business School where she offers one on one coaching programs, online courses and training programs.

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