Bolarinwa Kashif O


Fly Fitness Factory recently partnered with Rubies Ink Initiative and Women of Rubies to empower women with basic skills. The women were trained online in different skills such as; Content Writing, Make-up and gele, and skincare.

Fly Fitness is one of the most popular fitness and wellness organizations in the ancient city of Ibadan. Their  offerings includes but not limited to personalized training programs, wellness management, supportive community, group training sessions, nutritional guide, diet plans and lots more

Philanthropist and multi-award winner,  Bolarinwa Kashif O who founded the company alongside his wife  supported the women in a bid to strengthen their goal for wealth creation through poverty alleviation programmes.

Asides running his companies, the duo also give back to the society by supporting vulnerable persons, empowering the youths and organizing sensitizing workshops such ​as his;​ “School Is Not Scam” project​.

An ​ initiative aimed at fighting miseducation, and helping to reverse the trend that education isn’t ultimately profitable, especially amongst children of low-income homes​, I​n a bid to restore hope, educational value and create a better Nigeria.

Their Fly​ Fitness​ ​Factory​ gym has become a safe haven for pregnant women, where they are assisted with stressless delivery through healthy exercise, the gym boasts of world-class equipment and it is one of the most visited in the ancient city of Ibadan.

Speaking on the  why they supported the empowerment skills acquisition programme, the couple had this to say; “We love to see women excel in their chosen field, we believe that when these women are empowered, life becomes easier for them, we look forward to partnering with Rubies Ink and Women of Rubies for future projects beneficial to humanity”, they said.

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