Blazing Heart Autism Center


Beauty Kumesine, the founding Executive Director of Blazing Heart Autism Center (BHAC), an orgnanisation providing the highest quality therapy for autistic children as well as support for their families.

We cannot deny the fact that caring for kids/people with special needs is a huge task in this part of the world with some people seeing it as a burden due to cultural beliefs, but not Beauty. Since 2007, Beauty has been advocating for individuals living with Autism Spectrum Disorders, giving quality holistic non-evasive interventions.

Beauty had always loved children but she has a deeper connection with children who find it difficult to express themselves or do not “act like” their mates. She decided she wanted to understand them  and the reason they do what they do, when they do it and how they do it.

Beauty spent 2 years understanding people living with ASD and qualified as a therapist in that time. Since then, she’s been a voice for kids with special needs and never ceases to advocate and drive conversations around ASD and special needs in Nigeria. She’s the organiser of PortHarcourtWalk4Autism and also plays host to seminars spreading the word about ASD.

Beauty holds a bachelors degree in Human Anatomy from the University of Port Harcourt and an education degree from National Teachers’ Institute, Kaduna, Nigeria. She’s also 2018/19 fellow of LEAP Africa’s Social Innovators Program.

BHAC’s mission is to bring hope and help to individuals on the autism spectrum by ensuring the best possible education through inclusion, care, support and life opportunities for them and we’re proud of what Beauty and her team have achieved so far.