BioMec Prosthetics


Marta Vânia Uetela is a Mozambican born Mechanical Engineer, Certified Welder and Entrepreneur that is committed to changing the lives of amputees with her prostheses.

While some despair and cower in the face of challenges, there are those who choose to make the best out of any challenges. They search for opportunities in the midst of challenges by rolling up their sleeves in search of a solution.

This is what happened with Marta Vania Uetela, an entrepreneur and student of mechanical engineering, who after seeing the difficulties a friend with an amputated leg faced in acquiring a prosthesis, decided to help him overcome this challenge by producing a custom-made prosthesis so that he could continue to do activities and live a life with fewer limitations.

She is the Founder and Industrial Designer at BioMec Prosthetics, producers of high performance prostheses based on plastic collected from the oceans, aimed at increasing access to artificial limbs at reasonable prices, using a technology that increases compatibility between the residual limb and prosthesis creating comfort.

BioMec’s prostheses meet the needs and functions of individuals who suffer from amputations, traumas, or physical disabilities at birth.

“After some research we realized that 90% of amputees in Mozambique do not have access to prostheses, either because of the high prices, time taken to obtain them, or even access to health care. The other 10% who do have access don’t feel very confident and safe due to the prosthesis design itself and prices are inaccessible.”

“Using the plastic residuals from only 6 bottles or 250g of fish net discarded in the ocean we’re able to build a prosthesis for someone who has suffered an amputation below the knee,” said Marta.

According to Marta, the key to success is persistence: “everything is complicated, but we must be bold and willing to take risks. My appeal to young entrepreneurs is not to give up the journey”.