Bathabile Mpofu


Bathabile Mpofu is a South African born award winning – Scientist, Innovator and Social Entrepreneur.

She is the Founder and MD at Nkazimulo Applied Sciences, an innovative social enterprise that aims at helping young people become scientists, through their innovation “ChemStart” a portable science kit that makes science fun and come to life.

It provides hands on interaction with science concepts and their application in real life.

“At age 16, I realised how unprepared I was for university science education. I was capable but dis-empowered. High School didn’t prepare me for university education. I only got to do science experiments for the first time when I got to university, and because of that, I have made it my mission to empower and help young people become scientists,” said Mpofu.

“ChemStart makes quality science education accessible. Parents no longer need to take their children to private school in order for them to perform science experiments as part of their learning. Our product can be shipped anywhere in Africa as well, so you can be in the bush and still use the kit,” concluded Mpofu.