Baby Strong


A newborn baby has been nicknamed “Baby Strong” by social media users after he grabbed the doctor’s shirt seconds after he was born and refused to let go.

The baby boy was born in Ph??ng Châu International Hospital in Vietnam. As the doctor attending to the baby was about to leave and get changed, the crying baby grabbed a string in his robe and held onto it.

The doctor stood confused as he watched the baby crying while holding on to him with a grip that was unnaturally firm for a newborn baby.

Ph??ng Châu International Hospital shared the adorable photos to show the bond between the newborn baby and his first care giver and social media users loved the photos.


Newborn baby grabs doctor


Reacting to the photos on the hospital’s Facebook page, some social media users suggested the baby was complaining to the doctor that he did not want to be born. Other joked that the baby was hungry and was refusing to let go until he was fed.

The baby has been nicknamed as “Baby Strong”, “Boss Baby” by web users.


Credit: LIB