Aunty Muse


Elizabeth Ovwigho, popularly known as Aunty Muse, is a seasoned Entrepreneur and brand influencer. She has a Masters (M. Ed) in Early childhood and educational foundations and a first degree [B.A(Ed)] in Educational Administration.

She is a serial Ring and Jewelry merchant with an affinity for creative accessorizing. This birthed the MUSE brand in 2019, which is fast becoming a household name on Twitter and other social media platforms.

Elizabeth values customer relationship and Consumer  feedback. This has definitely given her a leverage in the Jewelry business. She is also teaching other women how to succeed in the business, sharing daily tips and educating them on the need to prioritize customer satisfaction.

Her vision is to own one of the biggest Jewelry e-commerce store in Africa as well as become a voice to reckon with as an Accessory Consultant. She can be reached via: Lizzybovwigho@gmail.com