Anne Nderitu


Anne Nderitu is Kenya’s first female fixed-wing Drone Pilot.

She is an Aeronautical Engineer, Drone Expert and Chief Operating Officer at Kenya Flying Labs.

She holds a Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng) Honours degree in Aeronautics Engineering from the Technical University of Kenya, a Trusted Level Operator (TOP) level 2 from African Drone and Data Academy, a Certificate of Drone Technology and Remote Pilot Licence from Virginia Tech, USA.

Anne has worked on various drone projects including Cholera Hyper-surveillance project to predict and mitigate outbreaks in Kenya.

She is a Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI), fellow and her goal is to create a positive impact across the world using technology

She is also an entrepreneur and advocate for gender equality.

Through her foundation, The Girls Boardroom, she mentors girls and ladies to take opportunities and grow their careers. The Girls Boardroom is a platform that empowers women to reach their full potential. Women are able to collaborate, network and share advice on a safe and secure platform while tackling their daily career challenges.

Her mission is to create more women leaders and bridge the gap that exists at the top of the chain.