Amnesty International


Grammy Award winner, Alicia Keys gets an accolade for saving the world in her spare time.

For a long time, Alicia has championed the fight against HIV/Aids in children across the globe through the organization she co-founded called “Keep a Child Alive.”

The Girl on Fire singer accepted Amnesty International’s Ambassador of Conscience Award for 2017, calling the honour “one of the most proud moments of my life.”

Especially as an activist, as a woman, here in this world, who is driven to recognize the injustice in the world and recognize the unfairness, the inequality, the things that have to change, the ways that we, as everyday people, all of us, have a part to play in that,” Alicia said in a statement.

Also, amongst others the singer has spoken out against gun violence, the refugee crisis and criminal justice reform among other social justice issues.

It encourages me to continue to speak out against injustice and use my platform to draw attention to the issues that matter to me,” she said about the award.

The organization will officially present Alicia with the award on Saturday, May 27 in Montreal, Canada, according to People.

Source: Bellanaija