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One mother was so tired of her child coming in the house “smelling like outside,” that she decided to create an all natural deodorant specifically for kids.

“My son, Kameron, who was six at the time, was between basketball camp and smelled horrific! My exact words were, ‘You smell like a grown man,’” she told Because of Them We Can.

After researching various deodorants and their ingredients, she decided that the right solution for her son would be one that she crafted in her very own kitchen.

“To my surprise, he loved it and told his campers and requested I make his deodorant for all the kids at camp. After my initial refusal, I quickly reconsidered once it hit me that it was a genius business idea.”

The mother of three believes parents shouldn’t have to subject their children to the chemicals and toxins found in the popular deodorants she researched. She says that having lost a godmother to breast cancer and grandmother to Alzheimer’s, both linked to aluminum which can be found in most antiperspirants, she knows the danger all too well.

“Our mission is to educate families of the harms of traditional antiperspirants while providing natural deodorant parents will never feel guilty about.”

In a little over one year since launching, Play Pits has served over 3,000 customers and can be purchased both online and in multiple retail stores across the country. The brand features scents like, “Happy with lavender” or our favorite, “Sonshine with orange and peppermint.”

Powell credits her ability to balance the business with her role as wife and mother to her supportive village.  

“Play Pits is a family business, my husband and 3 kids are my co-owners but my our family and close friends have helped us since the beginning as my formula testers, labelers, packers, and most importantly watching our kids while we work events to grow our business.”

She says that although Play Pits is marketed towards kids, the product can be used by active kids at heart as well.

To learn more about Play Pits visit www.playpits.com.