A true mother is one who sacrifices for her children, a caregiver who does whatever it takes to put a smile on the faces of her children. In a world where true motherhood is becoming a rarity, Mrs. Mary Amedigni is an exception.

Mary Amedigni is an “Akara seller” and mother of three, her second daughter Tonia is a member of the National Youths Service Corp who recently posted a picture of herself and her mum on social media. In the picture, she is dressed in the NYSC uniform while her mother cuddled up to her .The picture was taken on Lewis street in Lagos where she sells and it has since gone viral.

In this interview with Women of Rubies, Mrs. Amedigni shares her inspirational story. It will trigger your emotions.

The Beginning
The major motivation that made me start this business is basically for the wellbeing of my children. I started 16 years ago because I want the best for them. I want them to have the BEST education. I don’t want my children to lay behind among their peers. In order to achieve this, I sacrificed things like buying clothes, jewelries, going to parties and other earthy/material things to make sure the major profits of my business goes to securing the best future for my children, and also making them comfortable. My husband is an audio & visual technician. He also manages studio and camera coverage.Motivation
My children gives me joy the most, they are the real source of my joy and happiness especially when I see them shining. My children give me joy for many reasons, they are obedient and they listen to the various teaching I give to them.

The challenges I face since I started till now is a bit terrible, from rivals, danfo drivers and conductors with the way they talk and behave , also the Incident of hot oil falling from fire. Recently when I went to the market wheelbarrow boys stole my goods and ran away. Come rain come sun I am always working, but thank God we don’t look like what we have been through and am so happy that my hardwork is not in vain.

Picture going viral
When my daughter told me the picture we took has spread I was really surprised and I was really happy.

Giving up
NO! Never have I felt like giving up, this business started very slow and unproductive but I never gave up. This is because despite the income then, I still had something to take care of my children, and this was enough motivation to carry on and not to give up.

Being a woman of Rubies
Being hardworking makes me a woman of rubies, because my hardwork paid for it and because of it two of my daughters are GRADUATES today. I am happy and privileged to be honored by an important organization, such as WOMEN OF RUBIES pray that everyone at the organization sow and reap the fruit of their handwork.