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Bukola Ajilore is a Canadian businesswoman using her God-given talent and platforms to encourage other women to dare to be different. Popularly known as “Unstoppable Bukola”, she is a passionate Christian leader, successful businesswoman, and franchise owner based in Canada.

The “Agege Bread” Franchise Owner

Bukola owns the franchise of Grey Matlock Bakery in Ottawa. A Canadian-based business established in 2018 by Adewale Rabiu. The bakery provides a home away from home taste in Canada for all African Caribbean in Ontario, this provides the opportunity to enjoy quality, fresh and home taste traditional Agege bread and birthday cakes at an affordable price.

The Christian Leader and Women’s Advocate

Bukola Ajilore is a passionate Christian leader with a focus on women’s ministry and relationships. She has served several congregations in Canada, Nigeria and Ghana for over 20 years, empowering youth and women to reach their goals in ministry, homes and careers.

Billionaires Partners

Her passion for prayer, marriage and relationships lead her to found Billionaires Partners- a women online prayer platform gathering women across North America weekly to pray over their homes, ministries and careers.

Grey Matlock Bakery
Bukola Ajilore | Founder- Wivesgist

Bukola Ajilore’s Wivesgist

A certified relationship and marriage counsellor, she is also the convener of Wivesgist– a leading wisdom hub for wives and wives-to-be. They hold spiritual re-awakening women monthly events bringing together women across the globe to share wisdom nuggets for their homes, ministries and careers.

Personal life

Unstoppable Bukola is married to her best friend Rotimi and they live with their two teenage daughters in Ottawa, Canada

Bukola’s Advice For Young Couples

They should allow God to lead them and not be led by pressure from anyone or anything. They should know their partner and be ready to be teachable. They should understand that marriage is a journey and not a sprint. Every season has its lesson. They should also surround themselves with the right people and listen to them.

They should learn from people (mistakes and success stories) and be prayerful because marriage is spiritual. They should be ready to leave their father and mother (the familiar) and cleave to their spouse. They should be discerning and allow God. They should also be friends.