Aderonke Enoabasi


Fashion entrepreneur, Aderonke Enoabasi had a question and answer session on her Instagram page and while answering her followers questions, she urged business owners to share the truth about how they started their business and not mislead the younger ones.

She wrote,

“At age 19, I started selling Okrika bra, I failed. At 20, a lot of people took advantage of my naïveness and the hunger to just wanna work. At 21, I started selling bags and accessories. I made so much gain.

At 22, Mummy gave me money to learn make-up at House of Tara. I did makeup business till 26. At 26, I started fashion business till now, I’m 27 going on 28. Business is fine, I’m learning. I own RHONKEFELLA, I’m still learning but I feel fulfilled.

I always preach something, no one owes you anything. After secondary school, I didn’t get admission into the university on time so I’ve always had the urge to work. At age 19, after my Okrika bra business failed, I thought the business wasn’t for me so I dumped the idea and I started to look for office work.

So many people took advantage of me. Some along the line would tell me, shebi you know you’re beautiful. You know the rest of the story! Did I fall for those story line? Once or twice I did and once they had me, they dumped me.

I have met people who will never help or invest in you. I have also met people who will rather give you fish than teach you how to fish. So, if you find someone who helps you or finances your idea, please don’t lie or take the glory.

If you are handed money and you don’t work hard or smart with that money no matter how little or big, it will not amount to anything.

We all need HELP. As much as we strive to be independent, it’s okay to ask for help. If you can do it yourself go ahead but if you get help, be proud to say you did! It takes nothing from your success story, enough with God help me tales.

God won’t come down, he will send people to help you. Let us be more truthful to the younger ones. It’s okay if you don’t feel the need to speak about your journey but if you must, please speak your truth, don’t “LIE”.

May God bless everyone who has invested in my IDEAS! They made RHONKEFELLA a reality. God bless the “BOYFRIEND “ but most importantly, God bless IYA RONKE! My mum has come through a zillion times…”


Source: Woman.ng