Adeboye JoyOluwatoyin


Nigerian women are breaking boundaries, and making a difference in the world. Adeboye Joy Oluwatoyin is one of them. She is a 21-year-old feminist who has made significant contributions to Nigeria’s humanitarian and youth engagement sectors. With over five years of experience in these fields, she has demonstrated exceptional leadership through volunteering with various NGOs and her social impact campaign projects.


Throughout her career, Oluwatoyin has worked with several organizations, including the Female and More African Social Impact Fellowship, LEAP Africa, Women’s Advocate and Documentation Centre, BAOBAB, Inclusive Social Welfare and Empowerment foundation, and Nigerian Child Protection Trust. Her dedication to improving the lives of women and girls led her to found the Resilient Girl Initiative, an NGO focused on empowering young girls and women.

Oluwatoyin’s partnership and engagements have helped minors, sexual abuse victims, widows, and school children in Nigeria, she has also impacted her immediate school environment through webinars that raise awareness about sexual abuse and sex trafficking.

Other activities

Aside from her humanitarian work, she possesses impeccable storytelling skills, which have been instrumental in creating a documentary on sexual abuse, her passion for volunteering, hospitality, and humanitarian activities is evident in her numerous contributions to her community and beyond.

Oluwatoyin is a young and passionate feminist who has made remarkable strides in the humanitarian and youth engagement sectors in Nigeria. Her leadership, dedication, and impact have inspired many and continue to make a difference in the lives of those she encounters.