Do you know there are women and girls who can’t afford sanitary pad as basic as it is ? This challenge has kept so many young girls at home during their minstrel cycle .To address  this  issue , the founder of SlimGirl shapewear, Juliana Richards decided to give out 1000 free sanitary pads to women who cannot afford to buy one.

The sanitary pad can be picked up at any Slim Girl location.

In her words

“Free Sanitary pads to 1000 girls in Nigeria at any Slim Girl location! We will be out in the streets giving out free pads. Women should not have the break the bank for a basic need. I REFUSE to ignore and look away!

As a woman and entrepreneur I can’t imagine not giving back to help my country when I can. This has always been my ambition. I want to start a movement. This is a sisterhood, let’s pass it on.

Curled from: woman.ng