Adesola Adebayo Chioma is a second year Botany student in the University of Lagos. She is 5’9 model, brand ambassador and influencer.

Adesola is an only child of Yoruba and Igbo parents. She loves online shopping, watching movies, surfing the internet and trying out new foods at restaurants.

*1. Let’s meet you. Who is Adesola?*

My name is Adesola Adebayo Chioma. I’m a 200 level student studying Botany in the University of Lagos. My mom is Igbo while my dad is Yoruba which explains the combination of my names. I’m also the only child of my parents.

I love to watch movies, shop online, surf the internet and go out to restaurants to try out new foods.


*2. One accessory you can’t leave home without?*

My phone.

*3. You recreate pictures of female icons almost perfectly. What inspires and informs the styles you work with?*

The recreation of female icons isn’t usually planned. Mostly happens that after the pictures, I look like them.

Nothing actually informs my style. Once the photographer sends the mood board and it’s something I’m comfortable with and something I know I can do I just go ahead with it.

*4. One thing you’ll like to change about yourself?*


*5. Modelling for you started when? What inspired you to be a model?*

Modeling for me started in 2016. My aunt was a makeup artist while I was in Js3, she’d always take me to her makeup training as her model until one day I met the CEO of MUD (Makeup designatory) who told me I had a very great skin, nice facial features and also told me I had the height to become a model. Ever since, I had always had the thought and the passion of being a model.

*6. You are a model. Bolt ambassador. Social media influencer yet a Botany student. How do you juggle the demands of your academics with other areas?*

To be very honest, it has not been easy, but my only motivation has been success. Sometimes you want to give up, but the hope for success won’t let you so I make sure I balance everything.

*7. Any major challenge for young Nigerian female models?*

There’s a lot of pressure on young models nowadays. School, social media influences, plus people sometimes tend to look at young models as sex objects and these things have to stop.


*8. You are passionate about fashion and modelling. What other creative fashion business ideas do you have and may want to venture into in the nearest future?*

I have always wanted to start up my own bag business but let’s see how that goes.

*9. If given the chance to be the President of Nigeria for a day, what will you change?*

Everything wrong with the present state of the country, definitely.

*10. What was growing up like for you? Did your upbringing in any way prepare you for everything you do now?*

Growing up was a bit boring! Lol but my mum was the typical African parent, and yes my upbringing did prepare me for most of the things I do now.

*11. Mention 3 women who inspire you and why?*

Hmm three women, to be honest, my biggest inspiration is my mum because she’s the strongest woman I’ve ever known.

*12. Where do you see yourself and your brand in the next 5 years?*

I don’t think I’d be a model in the next 5years. I have other plans to go into Tech and few other things.

*13. If you were given the opportunity to address a group of girls five years younger than you, what will be your advice to them?*

Do what makes you happy, but do not damn the consequences and also pray.

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