Soyombo Precious Iyanuoluwapo who is a secondary school student in her final class is a singer and writer. She is a young spoken word artist dedicated to spreading the love of God through words and poetry.

She is currently establishing online presence, writing poems, partnering with other poets and also working on a book.

Precious is currently the Teens President at Turning point center RCCG. She is a provincial executive for Lagos province 77. She is a host. An upcoming makeup artist. She also does some little hand crafts.

She shares her inspiring story with the Coordinator of Ruby Girls;  Aduragbemi Akintepede

1. Let’s meet you. Who is Precious?

I am the fifth of seven children. I am a girl. I’m a Christian. I am a poet, a singer, writer. I am an ambivert that is an extrovert and an introvert. I like being with people but I also like to be alone. I love to read. Reading is like my life force. I can read at any point in time anywhere. I am very positive, I love easily and I’m very joyful. I am a worker at Mine Teenage Ministry and also a member of Ladies with Radiance.

2. What are your hobbies?

My hobbies are reading, singing, writing, talking to people, learning new things and worshipping.

3. Where do you draw your inspirations from?

I draw inspiration from a lot of places. From God, people, random discussions, random thoughts. Just from anything.

4. You started early . At what age or class exactly did you discover your gifts? What motivated you to take them up?

I discovered my gifts over time, I’ve always known I could sing but I didn’t know I could write poems until 2016. I was 13 then. At first it was all just for the fun of it but it grew into passion and I know that my life is taking these paths.

5. Most memorable moment on stage?

My most memorable moment on stage was my first big ministration at Mine Teenage Ministry Worship Fiesta. I was supposed to do a poem with an older friend but he wasn’t able to get there on time so I had to do it alone facing rows of over 1000 people. I was scared but it worked out fine.

6. If you were given the chance to be the President of Nigeria for a day, what will change?

Well there is only so much I can do in a day. But I would at least try to start the process of cleaning up the media. At least what is available to the youths because there are a lot of unfavorable contents that are provided to them and it’s destroying their minds.

7. This is a period where the world in its entirety is yet to bounce back from the rage of a global pandemic. How has coronavirus (Covid-19) affected you as an individual and teen? Any message you will like to share concerning it?

As a teenager the Covid-19 pandemic has affected a huge part of my life. There are a lot of things that I should have done but I haven’t been able to do due to the pandemic. But on the flip side it has also given me a lot of time to grow mentally and spiritually. I’ve been able to learn a lot of new things, read a lot of new books and try a lot of new things.

As an individual, it has been time to reflect on things and become a better person.

8. Did your upbringing in anyway contribute to everything you do now?

My upbringing has contributed a whole lot to everything I do now. I know a lot of things due to the fact that I used to stay home a lot so I had time to read as much as I liked. I have parents that support me and even push me to be better. My siblings are my pillars of strength. The moment they discover that I can do something they push me to be better and do more. I’ve been brought up to always strive to be the best in all that I do and that is what brought about my drive for Excellence.

9. Any major challenge for young artists in Nigeria? Any tips on how you scaled through these challenges?

I think that the main challenge young artists have is being true to their source. They think that they have to do drugs or join groups. Personally I haven’t really gone through these challenges because the people I have in my circle are people who have the same ideals as I do. But I would say that they just have to be true to their source. Build a circle of people who think like you and be yourself. Don’t try to be like any other person. Be your own brand.

10. You are in your final class in secondary school. You are a spoken word artist, a writer, poet, host and also learn other skills. How do you juggle your academics with these other activities? What is your study routine as a student and as an artist who constantly needs to be better?

Well at first it was really hard to juggle everything because sometimes I have ministrations on school days or I had a poem to write or memorise. But with time I have learnt to give time to everything. I don’t mind reducing my sleep or my rest so that I can do all that I have to do. I do lots of my school work at night because I can concentrate more at that time. Many times I’m reading and preparing for a ministration at the same time. I have learnt to multitask and work under pressure. As a student, I create time to read which nothing disturbs then there is also time for being an artist. It’s like being two people. But I separate my life as a student from my life as an artist.

11. Mention 3 women who inspire you and why?

Firstly my mum ( Mrs Clementina Soyombo).
She has always been one of my sources of support. That woman pushes me to be the very best. She supports my decisions and trusts me. She provides to the best of her abilities everything that I need to grow. She defends me and prays for me.

• Mrs Titilope Adigun. She is a pharmacist, a mother and Wife to Timilehin Adigun. She is an hardworker and an encourager. She helps people to discover themselves and is a person of love

* Adenike Soyombo. She is an entrepreneur, she is a teacher, a friend and mentor. She is a Christian. She is the founder of Ladies With Radiance and a worker at Mine teenage ministry. She is also a source of inspiration to me because she pushes me to be better and criticizes constructively. She is also my older sister.

12. Where do you see yourself and your brand in the next 5 years?

In the next five years I’ll be done with University, I would have written over 200 poems and at least one book. I would be working and preparing to open a Fashion company too.

13. If you were given the opportunity to address a gathering of secondary school students like you, what will be your advice to them?

My advice to secondary school students like myself would be to work hard and find their passions. They shouldn’t have to be stereotypes but they can be everything that they want to be through hardwork and prayers. Life is not a bed of roses but it’s not a bed of nails either.

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