Ogechi Adili is a creative writer, content creator, educator and impact strategist who loves using writing as an expression. She is the author of the fast selling book; Lady Justice Has Been Raped, a novel that reflects the vices of unforgiveness and injustice prevalent in a typical African society via the lens of a young Nigerian Beauty Olaedo.

This book has connected Adili with people from different parts of the world, including Nigeria, Canada, India, Namibia, etc. It has also given her audience with dignitaries such as the Chief Justice of Edo State (Rtd), the president of the Association of Microfinance Banks in Nigeria – Dr. Joshua Ukutu.

She is also the author of the book: Fiction Writerz Juice; a guide for writers and all who intend to make their writing juice flow.

She has served as the Chief Editor of the UNIBEN Watchman Campus Magazine, a magazine that contains exciting and life-changing articles and stories. It also captures the undergraduate experiences and aims to model youths to change negative narratives and draw them to their Creator.

Her short story, The World As a Very Small Ball, was selected and featured in the Anthology of Nigerian Authors (ANA).

Ogechi Adili is passionate about making an impact. Hence, as a Tourism Community Development Service President, she undertook projects with her team to help young people and sensitise the girl child on the need to become a pillar of the society.

She has volunteered at several organisations where she received certificates of recognition.


In this interview with Women of Rubies, she shares the inspiration behind her new book; “Lady Justice Has Been Raped” , and the importance of challenging gender stereotype



Ogechi Adili
Ogechi Adili

Who are you?

My name is Ogechi Adili and I am a creative writer, content creator, educator and an impact strategist.

 Why did you author this book?

Writing is a means of expression to me, as I get to share my view on matters. Also, it’s a tool through which I travel into minds to correct, teach, and influence thoughts, behaviours and lifestyle. Lady Justice Has Been Raped is more than a novel; it is a weapon of change and impact.
I wrote this book to address the ills and vices prevalent in the African society. Rather than join the multitude to wail, bemoan and complain about the decadence in our society, I decided to capture these moral depravities and corrupt practices in writing, thereby living up to my slogan: ‘Do not just complain about it, do something’.
I wrote this book for legacy.
I wrote this book to be another different girl child who defiantly refuses to allow gender stereotype prevalent in a typical African society truncate her ambitions and dreams.

Where can we get the book?

You can reach me via my social media handles – Ogechi Adili (Facebook), Ogechi Adili (LinkedIn), WhatsApp (08100592218) or Reach out to the publishing firm ‘Worital Publishers’

 What process went into writing the book?

The book started first as short story episodes on my Facebook wall, and it started to get noticed and readers kept demanding for more episodes, I just knew it would be more.
Writing this book wasn’t just a walk through the park; there were days I felt I was not good enough but I was determined and committed to finishing what I knew would impact a lot of lives. Look where we are now.
Ogechi Adili Lady Justice

Tell us more about the content of the book? And where it was published

This book is a fictional work of art. It is written in an unusual style, employing the use of present tense and the famous ‘Naija pidgin’ expressions (not to worry; a glossary has been attached). It’s a story of pain, vices, struggles, love and hope. You can’t read this book and remain the same. There is always something to learn.
Embedded in the book are circumstances of several sectors in Nigeria I would love to change. I may not have the physical power to do that, but I have the vocabulary and literary prowess to cause rainfall in summer. After all writers in the past caused revolutions through their works.

 Are you a first time author? Otherwise, how did your other books fare?

I have written other books which are only available as Ebooks but this is my first paperback and my debut novel. Cold Rush which is a tour guide on Obudu Mountain Resort and Fiction Writerz B̶l̶o̶c̶k̶ Juice are EBooks and they are doing just fine.

 What next now that the book is written?

It is a step towards the big ideas in my head. Expect more. I hope to write more life changing books. I dream to be in rooms I only read in books; I hope to be a woman young minds will look up to and believe in their hearts that they could be more; I hope to own a publishing firm so as to improve reading and writing culture in Africa.

Tell us a story of your upbringing. One that would wow us and that connects with what you do now.

Growing up, I have always loved reading stories and writing my own stories in jotters. Interestingly, I would save up for weeks just to buy story books.
I also had dreams of becoming a lawyer. Back in the days, I would go to a family friend’s cyber cafe to design funny logos for my chamber, but sadly I didn’t get a chance to study Law despite hitting high scores. Further, growing up I learnt females from my community couldn’t own lands and girl children are not regarded highly.
I began to ask questions and through books I met great women doing wonders like Chimamanda Adichie, Oprah Winfrey, Okonjo Iweala etc. My father would always say; “If Adichie and Okonjo Iweala could, you can.’ That was how my dreams began to grow.
I didn’t get to study Law, but when I realized I could still achieve all I envisioned to change and achieve through writing, I embraced it.

 Who’s your mentor or favourite author?

My favorite author is Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. However, there are other recent writers I have come to love too.

What one national matter would you want to contribute on? (Please do contribute in let’s get your opinion).

The girl child can be more. Women are not trophies to be won by men and gender should have nothing to do with greatness and success. Their voices should be heard for good  and every woman should maximize her potentials.

What trending topic would you like to jump in? (Please do jump in, let’s get your opinion).

I would  love to talk about what it takes to have a better Nigeria. For me, I feel it begins with us. If everyone becomes instrumental to change in the little corner where they find themselves, only then is a better Nigeria possible.

Sell yourself

I nurture ideas and birth them into books. I will help sharpen your writing skills and gift you the pen of a ready writer. I thrive on opportunities to make impact through my writing.
Lady Justice Has Been Raped

Sell your book

Lady Justice Has Been Raped is a novel that captures themes such as injustice, struggles, pain, hope, and love prevalent in a typical African society through the lens of a young African beauty ‘Olaedo’
It is so African that it is written in a unique style.
Olaedo just like every young person out there has a lot of challenges that seem to drown her. However life brings her way agents of love and light. Will she embrace this newness or will she chose to dine with the dark shadows of her life? Find out in Lady Justice Has Been Raped.

How did you get to know Worital, your experience with Worital and what makes Worital different.

I have been following Worital for about a year since after seeing the quality work done on Your Book Will Sell by Emeka Nobis and Brick by Brick by Brenda Unu. I visited their website and the price list almost got me discouraged as a young author but I just knew it had to be Worital.
I didn’t want to be just another published author; I wanted to be the golden egg amidst the normal.
I had some challenges that almost got me discouraged, but the team especially Fola and Book-chef walked me through the process.
What makes Worital different is the quality work they do. Their exterior is top notch – your eyes will get to feed before eating the actual content.

What makes you a woman of Rubies?

To many people, rubies are gem stones representing love, passion, energy and power. They are precious, rare and of great value. It is linked with power, wealth and royalty. In same way, I am a woman with passion, vision, value and purpose.
This is just the beginning for me.

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